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Monday, December 15, 2008

Survey Says: F U

Listen up, you little cretin. It was effin' cold as hell today and though the fact that I wasn't dressed appropriately for the blue effin' norther that came to Dallas today isn't your fault - the fact that you blatantly made eye contact with me this afternoon in Target's ridiculously full parking lot - as if to say "You want my space? Here, follow me!" - it IS your fault that you effin' sat in your car for 4 minutes while I simmered and stewed. Four minutes! I counted! What the fuck were you doing in there? Balancing your checkbook? Programming your GPS? Getting your funzies from the lingerie section of the Sears catalog???? I waited and waited those long 4 minutes until I figured you were one of those who don't maintain your vehicle and couldn't start that piece of shit on wheels, gave up and pulled forward justenough to get 2 car-lengths beyond your space when you decided to put your car in reverse to go about your fa-la-la-la merry way - giving the redneck in the Dodge Ram truck who had just pulled into the lot a free ride into your recently vacated space. It took me another 20 minutes - 20 MINUTES - to find another space. Thanks for the holiday FUCKING you gave me. You're the reason they created the phrase "bah humbug" you TOOL.


Sassy Blondie said...

Ah Cruiser...don't ya just love the holidays??

Dezdmona said...

Whoa! Got under your skin a bit, eh?
Where's your sense of charity? LOL

Kerry said...

that jackass! It makes ya want to get out and beat the shiznit out of em. I think there should be a parking hole stalling law!!!

I hate it when that happens