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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Update On The CruiserMel Broadcasting Network

Hiya people, I trust we all had a nice extra day off yesterday to honor our Veterans who have given so much, sometimes their lives, for us. My neighborhood hosts a nice parade and ceremony and follows up with a really fun block party. By my count, there were probably close to 200 folks, young and old, who came to one or all of the activities. All this under threat of imminent rain storms. But when all was said & done, everyone was dry, except for CruiserMel, who was covered in strawberry snow cone syrup. I am now the Snow cone Queen aka SuperHero to the Kiddies!

Alas, there is a Boy Toy J story to be told. It's not exactly romance and roses, either. I guess it had to happen, but so soon? Then again, J doesn't do things in moderation....he's pedal to the metal most of the time. We've discussed that in this here blog already.

Sooooo - I invited him to join me and some coworkers for happy hour Friday and he shows up with a bag? A BAG? No subtlety there. Aw, what the hell, he may as well have clean clothes since I was probably going to invite him to stay anyway, so I rolled with it. That night was fun - we had someone there who we used to work with and had fun catching up on her life. My first words to her were "Wow, you look like an American Idol," and come to find out - she's now singing! In public. Yikes, maybe I'm a little psychic. I mean, I never knew she sang. Pretty cool.

Then Saturday was a nice day of just running errands and hanging out with J. It was nice. Nothing special. Nothing un-special.

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend is my favorite day in motor sports. I mean it's like my Super Bowl or Final Four. I plan this day. First, there's the Indy 500 and then Nascar's longest race of the year, the Coca Cola 600. It's 1100 miles of left turns, baby. And I pride myself on usually watching as many of those 1100 as possible. Until I can't stand up without getting dizzy.

I thought J knew this. I'm certain I covered this in our interview, um first date. And he played along nicely for the Indy race. But then he decided beer was his drink of choice, being a sporting event and all. So he picked off at least 7 or 8 of MY beers (okay, I don't drink beer, but I was the one who bought it!). By about lap 50 of the Nascar race, J was pretty buzzy and not as interested in the roar of the engines as he was earlier in the day. (I, on the other hand, had sat through hours and hours of Spanish soccer the day before and didn't complain even once, though I really wanted to do so.) He thought this was "ridiculous" and was stunned when I wasn't interested in going out or *gasp* changing the channel. So he left.

I admit I was pretty perturbed and miserable for awhile, but in the grand scheme of things, I got to watch my race in peace. So, it was a win for both of us, right?

Um, yeah. I hit the bed around midnight, only to be awakened at 3:14 by the phone. J was drunk and lost, but clearly closer to my house than his own. I gave him directions. (stupid? crazy? sucker? I'm not sure yet.)

He showed up 1/2 hour later, very drunk, and with a friend I'd never heard of or seen before. Excuse me?! The friend looked like someone you'd find on a bench, passed out at the bus station. I kid you not. There would be no further sleep for CruiserMel that night/morning, fo sho. I mean I've got some nice things in my house and I kinda like to keep them!

I'm standing there in my robe and slippers, just dumbfounded. Then J starts doling out MY beer and MY Weller. And I lost it. Totally lost it. And one thing you need to know is CruiserMel RARELY IF EVER loses it. And it was like J thought this little bitchfest was a game, egging me on. And you know once that dam is broken, it's balls to the walls, folks. I am a redhead after all.

I hated the person I became at 4:00 am Monday morning. I still hate that person, but I do feel a bit justified. Am I wrong?

The friend got a ride home finally, but it wasn't over. At 6:30 I had to start showering and dressing to help set up for the neighborhood party, right? OH HELL NO, J wasn't having any of that. But he was still helping himself to whatever booze he could find in the casa.

I was able to swipe his keys and hide the liquor without him seeing. When I left for the events, I told him to sleep it off and I'd be home in a few hours. It may have seemed like I was holding him captive, but honestly, he would've been calling from jail if I didn't do something drastic.

Fast forward until 3:00 in the afternoon - I came home and he was indeed sleeping it off. When he got up, he had the hangover from hell (and it looked like it, too - heh) and I didn't even offer an aspirin to him. Heh, heh. He felt rather sheepish and ashamed of his behavior and though I can't say I was warm to him, I wasn't the cold bitch I'd been a few hours earlier. Hat trick heh! I think I just didn't have the energy, to be honest. I sent him on his way, tail firmly tucked under his butt.

I'm not sure what to think or do yet. He's admitted that he's got issues with getting enough sleep and blames his A.D.D. or hyperactivity or whatever. (He was working on about 5 hours from Saturday night.) And introducing a day (and night, too) of non-stop alcohol consumption into that equation just isn't a pretty picture, no matter how you turn your head to the side or hold your mouth just "so." I'm pretty sure I should cut this one loose, like a fish that's just not quite right, but for some reason, I'm buying his story. (Note to self: he IS in retail and this could all be a sales pitch, so beware CruiserMel.)

I just don't know what to do, how to react, where to turn, aw hell, I don't know ALOT right about now.

There you have it. Another Boy Toy J story. You didn't say you wanted to read just the fun ones. Be careful what you wish for.

Hmmm. Interesting line there, huh? Maybe I should listen to my own advice.


Just Sayin' said...

So I don't really know you... I mean i feel like I know you, but I don't really know, know you. So it's probably not my place to say this, but...

Kick his ass to the curb!

Seriously... Not only did he display a lack of self-restraint, self control, or common courtesy... He completely dis-respected you and your home (And I'm not even gonna' get started on the whole friend issue!!!) Dude... Are you Cruiser Crazy?

Mel... It's done. Promise me it's done, or I'll worry.

It comes from love ok? So don't hate me...

I'm just sayin'...

Tug said...

Wow. IMHO...I'd talk to him sober and NOT hung over. Not just about the drinking, friend over, etc...but also about doing things YOU want to do. Maybe that was the drinking, maybe not... and go from there. Follow your gut, and good luck!!

Anonymous said...

EEK you ain't his mama - aiyee - I have so been there and done that with an ex whose name started with 'J' too - hmm? Anyway, my deal breaker would have been him bringing over the drunk buddy to your house. WTH is that about? whoa. We all get drunk and do dumb stuff at times, so it all depends on how much you like him v. what your dealbreakers are.

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser-Sounds like he's still in the boy phase. Perhaps this was an anomaly, and he's not a regular binge drinker and asshole? You are a smart lady, so I have faith that you will ferret out any insidious secrets from BTJ. XOXO

tfg said...

Sounds dramatic. I didn't think the honeymoon period of a new relationship was supposed to be so exciting.

Lindystar said...

Oh yuck cruise I'm sorry.

I'm a little worried about the brat behavior of just up and leaving in a huff over watching the race.
And drinking like that sounds scary.
And the terrible rudeness of the whole thing?

Eew, I want better for my Cruiser. If you want to continue I hope you're careful. Remind him there's a crazy blogger from the north that's not afraid to kick some dumb-ass-ass.

Good luck Cruiser, I hope you make the right decision, lord know that shit is hard.

RockDog said...

Wow! I did that same exact stuff when I was...18. Except, I got my ass kicked to the curb!

Things will work out...do what you think is right.

Pregnant In Texas said...

I agree with Lindystar...I want better for my Cruiser as well. Granted, he probably couldn't read much while getting blitzed on beer, but would you really have objected to him quietly reading a magazine or book while you watched your races? Am I the only person who thinks, "What a perfect opportunity for a nap!" when someone turns on Nascar?

Talk it over with him. I'm more worried about the binge drinking and him treating your house like his own than anything else.

If someone starts walking on you this early in the game, where does it stop?

Follow your heart. We're cheering for you.

Circe said...

He sounds like a LOSER sweetie. I mean, esp you saying he's in sales. OMG, can they ever come up with persuasive reasons/excuses.
He drank your booze. Alot of your booze.
He brought a derelict friend back with him.
He was very rude.
Oh. My. God.

Your blogger friends are going to kick his ass if he doesn't shape up or ship out.

CruiserMel said...

Who knew you people would be just as good as a best friend or sister/brother to me? Can you say verklempt?

I'm taking all of your advice in and am sorting it through. I keep reading and re-reading these comments and you are all very perceptive about J. And I think you are quite perceptive about me, too.

I will say that I have decided to keep communications open with J for now. He knows he is on thin ice.

The question that remains is "how long until this happens again", because I do care about the little dude and am willing to give him another try. I think.

I plan on keeping y'all in the loop - as I couldn't ask for better counsel. But be patient with me.

Matters of the heart are complex and it would be a shame to let one stupid night get in the way of an entire future. Don't we all do stupid things once in awhile? I know I certainly do.

Meanwhile - I just have to say that you all are my heroes for giving it to me straight. It's the same advice I would dish out. Sometimes it's just hard to take.

Anonymous said...

M, I DO know you. But I don't know him.. so... First off, do you think he drinks because he is nervous around you? W did that at first. He doesn't anymore. If this is normal for him, then I just want to remind you of that certain time that you got all wound up in something you didn't really want to be in...just because you felt sorry for him.

Also, when he walked out...was he tipsy then? If not, that should be a dealbreaker for you.

Only you know what is "really" going on in your heart. I'll support you either way. Luff ya man...

CruiserMel said...

kp - A gold star to you, my friend. It does have some similarities or at least a similar feeling. And I've told him that and it was apparent that it got under his skin (I'd told him about the earlier situation some time ago) and so far (SO FAR) he's been sober as a nun. But I have told him I don't ever want to be put in that position again, etc. So we'll see. We're supposed to go see a band this wknd where there will be plenty to drink....I'm planning on watching closely to see if a pattern appears.

I swear, it's like I should be saying "Tune in tomorrow folks, for another exciting episode of..." *eye roll*

Williebee said...

Talk to him when he's sober.. yeah, you probably should be, too.
Tell him what bothered you about it all. Tell him how much booze he drank. DO NOT tell him he has to replace it. (If he can't figure that out on his own, he's not going to value what's yours.)

Oh, and confirm that this "friend" he brought over was actually more than a new drinking buddy he found under a barstool that night, now that said "friend" knows where you live.

And, if you need a place to hide out, hope a plane. We still have a spare bed, and I'm sure DB can find you a boy toy to take your mind off of things :)

btw -- what the hell you mean you aren't coming to see Todd?????

CruiserMel said...

Willie: Wow, some good advice you have there. It's the red hair that makes you so wise, huh? Anyhooooo, to answer some of your items: yes, there's been lots of talking and listening and I'm looking at everything with a critical eye now. He has replaced the beer, at least. We'll see if the Weller comes back. As for the friend, yes, I've gotten his story and he does go back 2 years....but I also told him I didn't want "that" in my house. (I hate being such a snob, but it is what it is.)

I sure wish I had time to hop a plane to come see y'all. Talk to Todd and see if he can move that show to Saturday instead of Sunday and we might be able to work a deal. ;) P.S. Big hugs to you and DB.

Lindystar said...

Good deal Cruiser, I feel good about the way you're handling this.

And why yes dear we sure will be "tuneing in tommorw..." you crack me up. :)

BTW I LIKE how you told him that you "don't want that" in your house referring to the drunk friend. It's not snobby it's honest and safe and bad-ass. Go Cruiser.

Swishy said...

SO JUSTIFIED! Wow. I don't know. Just be smart!