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Monday, June 04, 2007

Testing 1-2-3

My oh my, has it been that long since I blogged? I know some time ago, I promised to blog at least a couple of times a week and here I am, barely coming in under the wire. I shouldn't be able to call myself a blogger. *hanging my head in shame*

First off: in case you guys haven't checked the comments from my previous posting, I've got something to say.

You people rawk. Hard. I appreciated each and every comment you guys (and girls) left for me. I've taken every remark under my consideration - and believe me, I've been considering. Hard. For a whole week. I know many of you think I should jettison J yesterday, but as my friend K says: if we didn't give people second chances, we'd all be very lonely.

One thing you should know about CruiserMel....I believe in second chances. (Hell, in the past, I've believed in 102nd chances...but I'd like to say I've grown since then and I plan on stopping at single-digit chances from now on.) That being said, Boy Toy J still has his tail firmly wrapped under his very cute ass and sometimes it's difficult not to crack a smile at how hard he's trying to get back in my good graces.

We spent a good part of the weekend together in all sorts of situations. And I was watching.

Friday we ran boring errands and then I got to meet his son. Believe you me, if I was a little younger, oh say.... 9 years old, that boy would be mine. Mine, I tell you! He was adorable and I loved watching the interaction between father and son. A girl can learn a lot from watching that. We did the single-daddy thing - dinner and a trip to WalMart to buy something for little BT, Jr. I was just along for the ride (okay, the buffalo wings, ya got me) but we had a fun time. I accused Boy Toy J (the elder) of using this precious child to work his way into my heart , but he didn't get my humor. Evs.

The next day, we had planned on going to see a couple of bands at a bar. A perfect opportunity to test his promises.

The club had two tribute bands performing that night. (I'm sort of new to this tribute band stuff...but it's basically a copy band that does only music by a certain artist.....and sometimes in full regalia. It sounds cornier than it is.)

I was excited about the first band, a Journey band. We sang, we danced and had a ball. There is something to be said for slow-dancing to a Journey ballad.

Boy Toy J was more excited about the second band, an Iron Maiden band. Iron Maiden. I'm embarrassed to say I was even there. And I didn't know a single song they played. I suppose they were good, but I lost the hearing in my ear the moment they hit the stage.

I stepped back and kept my eye on J. He was in his element and had some cocktails under his belt. If he was going to F up, this would be the night. Admittedly, I expected a shout-fest afterwards, with me doing the shouting. But it didn't happen. J was attentive and caring and when he noticed I was grimacing from the ear pain, he offered to go towards the back of the club just to be with me. Happily, I sent him up to the front - mostly so I could test him. Was that mean? I wasn't trying to set him up, but I figured "why the hell not?" and the payoff was a pleasant surprise. He was thrilled that I'd let him be a kid for a while or so, but as soon as it was over, he was right by my side being a gentleman.


So far, at least.

So - Boy Toy J is still in the picture. But he knows he needs to walk the walk for CruiserMel and his feet are on thin ice.

I wonder how long I can get away with this?


Tug said...

Don't wonder...just enjoy while it lasts - life is too short!

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser-You're a big girl and should never feel the need to explain your decisions. You know BTJ, so it's a go for your own life.

He must care for you to allow you to meet the boy of BTJ! That's promise, I'd say.

Keep us updated! Perhaps I'll blog about Single Dad soon. Just a couple of coffee talks, but it looks promising. Think positive thoughts for me!

Golightly said...

He sounds like he is in it for sure - esp with you meeting his son - go you! Yep yep just keep an eye on him but it sounds all good from over here.

tfg said...

BFs are like puppies, you need to get the training started early. It sounds like you're on the right path.

For the record, I feel not one iota of shame of knowing most of the words to most of the songs on Number of the Beast.

Lindystar said...

Wow cruiser you are one calculating badass! Seriously I'm so impressed with the whole "sending him to the front" and the letting him be in his element thing. This boy toy better have a clue as to whom he is dealing with.

I'm glad things are looking up again and that you're such a smart woman to look out for yourself like you're doing.

Sassy's right, you're the one who REALLY knows J and the situation, we can only judge and Pounce :) on the info that's given to us. Sometimes I can go a little bit overboard on the Pounce and Protect so don't worry we are ALLLLL about second chances as well. (lord knows you've read about chinos second!)

We're rooting for you and keep our nosey butts updated! :)

RockDog said...

Maiden Rules! Hell, I'd give hima second or third chance knowing that he digs Iron Maiden! Rock ON!

Bev said...

Milk it for all it's worth. And meeting the son is big time, I agree - I mean who would do that unless they're super serious about a person?

Circe said...

I'm really happy that all went well for you and meeting the son is definitely a good sign. :)

I love tribute bands and I most definitely would love to hear Journey songs but Iron Maiden? (though I do like heavy metal...)

ThatGirl7278 said...

I gotta give it to ya... I didn't think he'd pass one test. Maybe your previous post made it sound worse than it was??

Either way, good luck. Hope it works out for the best.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Iron Maiden, eh?

Hey, Journey ain't much better LOL

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser-Lindy's right! I'm RIGHT! :o)

Swishy said...

OK ... so far, so good. That's a good thing!