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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If It's Wednesday, This Must Be Oklahoma

Oh oh oh, I cannot believe I haven't blogged about the nutty thing I did a couple of weeks ago! I sewanee, someone needs to stick a fork in me, I'm done. Apparently.

Anyhoo here's the dealio. You guys know I'm a Todd Rundgren fan, yes? (here's where you answer with a resounding "yes" and no eye rolls, okay?)

Sooooo, though I've seen The New Cars plenty-o-times, I knew they were swinging through Oklahoma City and it kept gnawing at me that "hey, that's pretty close by and it's the end of the tour and who knows when they will hit the road again, and and and and...." So - the day before the show, I got a wild hair (hare?) and asked the boss if he was cool with me to take the next afternoon off. I had a doctor's appointment anyway, so why not just not return to work? Have I mentioned lately that I have the single-most cool boss?

I didn't even try to find a partner in crime. I was off on my own little private adventure and sometimes driving with my tunes blaring is therapeutic, so I was actually excited to be doing something a little daring and fun. (Because y'all know I sooo don't live like that. What're you looking at?)

What I thought would take 3 hours ended up taking 4 1/2. Who knew OKC had rush-hour traffic jams? Geez, didn't these people know I was in a hurry? I mean, it was TODD ferheavenssake. Tsk.

I screeched into the parking lot and went inside to procure a ticket, any ticket would do - I mean, who literally waits until 15 minutes before showtime? Oh yeah, I do. Since I only needed one ticket - guess who got 3rd row?

Excuse me while I strut my stuff.

Okay, back now.

The show was fantabuloso! Best yet. The guys were either happy this tour was ending pretty soon or they got into the happy juice - but seriously, they played their hearts out and Todd was brilliant as always.

I met some cool folks, too. I was passing out cards for my friend Doug who has an internet radio show on Wednesday evenings all about "all things Todd" and people seemed jazzed about it. It was fun to meet some fellow Todd-heads with Oklahoma accents for a change.

I had been seated next to a guy (yeah, he's quite a cutie and yes, we traded digits) and his mom. "Mom" was really sweet and has been a Toddhead far longer than even I have been (and that's a long time, believe) but she hadn't seen him perform live before. (Uh, where ya been, Mom?) So when the show was over, she actually cried. It was a beautiful moment.

Since I was trying to score points with the kid, and by kid I mean he's upper-30's, I said "Are y'all going to go around back and try to see the band?" It never occurred to them to even try. Shit, people - stick with me and learn, will ya? Gaaaaaa.

So we went around back and sure enough, we found the bus and saw Elliott Easton chatting with a friend. Then I spotted Atom Ellis leaving the bus with a duffel bag in tow, clearly on a mission to go change clothes or hit the men's room or whatnot. I caught his attention and he came over for a quick chat and signed my ticket. (He remembered me from earlier in the summer. Hee.) "Mom" was impressed by this time. I thought she was going to faint. Seriously.

Then, Todd peeked around from behind the bus and waved. I expected to hear her limp body hit the concrete, but instead she went all hormonal and LOUD and started yelling his name at him about 20 times. Obviously frightened, he waved once again and made a sign like "sorry, but we've got to get on the bus" and disappeared. How uncool. On her part. And kinda on his part, too....I mean, there were only like 10 people there and only ONE was acting, well - groupie-stupid. That's only 10% crazy, Todd. But what-er-ya-gonna-do? "Mom" was all upset, yelling for him to "aw, come on, Todd" and "please?" and "Oh what-ever!!!!" Her son and I pulled her away and she settled down. Then it hit her - she'd seen Todd. And he waved. And she was gone gone gone to Lalaland and all was right with the world again. Once again, a beautiful moment. Awww.

Then the fun began. I had worked 1/2 a day, driven 4 1/2 hours, seen the show, hung out awhile afterwards, and now it was 11:00 and I faced that drive home. Of course, the sleepies came over me. I popped in my new BadEnders cd (it's wonderful, btw), took a deep breath, got gasoline and a diet coke and headed home. 4 hours later I was home.

I was a zombie. A very happy zombie who got up a couple of hours later to go to work with very dark circles under my eyes.

Yeah, it was definitely worth it. Man, I love my life!
*Thanks to Nancy for letting me steal her picture - as my camera still sucks hind titty.
**Doug's RundgrenRadio show is too cool, y'all. Last week, he had Todd's wife on the show. I called-in and got to ask her some questions. Check it out if you have any interest in Toddly things. Tonight, Doug's guest is Alec Roeser, a 17 year old musician who is freakishly Todd's clone in style and voice. This kid's going to go places. Trust.


Circe said...

CM--Sounds like a fun evening all around. You should have got up with Kerbear as she's in that neck of the Okie woods. :)

Swishy said...

I LOVE that! Good for you for doing it. What a great story!

RockDog said...

You have the ebst adventures ever! I love it!!!

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

You honestly out-live like ALL of the 25 yr. olds (myself included) that I know. For shizzie how do you DO it?

It must be the hair product schedule.

CruiserMel said...

Circe - That would've been fun to meet her, but I didn't have a minute to spare. Totally sucks, ya know?

Swishy - Aw, you're making me blush.

Rockdog - I do my "ebst".

Lindy - You might be onto something there with the hair product theory. Maybe I should analyze the ingredients to see if there's some "essense of fun" on the label. But seriously, I paid for my little adventure for like 3 days. I was draggin' ass bigtime!

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser, not only are you a Rock n Roll Hor, but you are a man magnet to boot! Shit! We've got to get together and hang out already!

Anonymous said...

She was such an ameteur. Geez.

Bev said...

Groupie-stupid is never a good sight. Super uncool.

And I don't know how you handled that drive back. Yikes!

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

"Excuse me while I strut my stuff"

I forgot to add in how damn funny that line is - you are a queen!