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Monday, September 24, 2007

Todd Heaven

Welcome back from the weekend, y'all. What did ya do? Really? Isn't that illegal in some states?

My weekend? Thanks for asking. Well, it was a little fun, a little icky (I felt like poo on Friday), and a little restful. Rinse and repeat. I saw a couple of bands with a friend, met a new friend in one of those bands, had dinner with another friend, and had another friend over for drinks and girl-talk.
It's good to have friends. I missed seeing them as much while I was tethered to the Boy Toy. I need to remember that the next time a cute guy catches my eye. In hindsight, BTJ wasn't interested in meeting my friends. That should've been a warning. Duly noted for next time.

Let's back up to the weekend before this past one, shall we?
It was Vegas, baby. I know 'dats right! And believe it or not, it wasn't just for the legalized gaming. No, seriously! What?

What it was was (okay, that just looks stupid when it's written out) for something else that is on the list of my very favorite things. Todd. And Kasim. *blush* *blush again* Hee. (And Prairie and Jesse, for that matter.) TR finished up touring with The New Cars and did a quick west coast tour called "My Tour. My Music." Awesome. Todd doing Todd. I was in Todd Heaven.

He put together his best band ever and it showed. Todd was truly in his element and on fire! And with the addition of Kasim on bass, Prairie on drums and Jesse on guitar - it was one big happy-fest for CruiserMel. To say the show rocked is an understatement. What's a better word than rocked? Honestly, help me here.

And I got to meet some folks who I'd met online and in person before during some of my previous "rock-n-roll hor" travels. We partied til the wee hours after the show. Hard. I'm pretty sure some of the folks involved don't even remember just how hard...but the word on the street is that one guy threw up in the men's room near the casino so he could re-fill himself with alcohol and two of the girls practically emptied the bar of it's tequila supply. I maintained my wits about myself (or perhaps had just conditioned myself previously) because I knew I had to hit the blackjack tables after we'd weeded-out the weak ones. Survival of the fittest, ya know. Oh yeah, and though I made it until 5:30 in the AM, I finally lost enough to call it quits. Of course, I'm wishing I had that money right about now following my BTJ experience...but at the time, it didn't matter. It's just the cost of going to Vegas. And the trip was so worth it.

To wipe that image of BTJ out of my head, I give you a video of the show that was shot a few days before I got to see the boys. Sorry for the vibrating picture at times, but apparently Kas' bass was doing it's job. (As well as that dazzling smile - or is it just me? Ahem.) The audio sure is nice. So I give you Todd's take on how soul is missing from today's music. I agree with him on this one. Enjoy!


Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

OMG are you sayin Britney Spears doesn't have a soul? That's so not cool yall.


BTW Cruiser I was thinking instead of BTJ in the future perhaps you could refer to him as AHJ (assholeJ) Or LBJ (little bitch J)
or maybe even DRNGPOSJ (dirty rotten no good piece of shit J) - too long??

TSOBFKABTJ ? (the son of a bitch formerly known as btj)??

Just throwin ideas around, nothin concrete.

RockDog said...

I love reading about your adventures! It's always a good time and I don't end up with the hangover.

CruiserMel said...

Lindy - Maybe it would be best if I just don't waste time talking about him actually. But my personal fave is LBJ, if we're voting.

Rockdog - Using me for my hangovers, are ya? Believe me, I was just fine compared to some of those others. Wooooo. Then again, it just took me 3 times to figure out the word verification to post this comment. Ugh.