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Saturday, December 29, 2007

CruiserDog Must Be Cajun

Okay, I don't know what happened with that SNL video, my lovely chitlins. If I'd known it was actually removed, I would certainly have not teased you like a 9th grade virgin. My bad.

Let's see what's happened since we last met..... oh yes, Christmas and all it's trimmings! Did y'all have some fun and frolic? Was it a white Christmas where you live? Did you get some goodies or just coal in your stocking?

For me? Overall it was great - a couple of days off from the wear-n-tear that is daily living. But nottoomuchtomysuprise, I was disappointed by the gifts I received from my family. Yes, my family. I got two Nascar books and a big worthless die-cast model of Jeff Gordon's racecar. Honestly, what am I to do? How does one express that perhaps enough is enough? Yes, I was a Jeffhead extraordinaire up until perhaps 3 years ago when I got other things to do and grew up a bit. I still watch my round-n-round racing when I get a chance, but the world doesn't stop for a Nascar race anymore. Oh well, I've got a whole year to get that message across in my gentle, yet pointed manner, don't I?

My nephew (14)appears to be the only one with working ears, as he bought me the most insightful gift of all of them. An iTunes gift card. Now, was that so hard?

But, I guess the whole point of Christmas is to be with family and friends and come out of your comfort zone by telling these people how much you appreciate having them in your life. And that did happen. And it was wonderful.

But let me tell you a story about Christmas Eve. You'll indulge me? No? Tough.

I've been a bit stressed lately and decided to pull away from the usual and decided to have some friends over for an impromptu supper of chili and cornbread. Perhaps it wasn't Christmas-y, but perhaps we were like the Island of Misfit Toys - just a few folks who either had no place to go or no place we wanted to go. I admit I was diggin' it and it might become tradition at Casa de CruiserMel in the future.

One of the snacky foods we had was some boudin from Louisiana. (I'd tried it for the first time during my New Orleans trip and practically made love to it upon first taste.) We were gettin' after it way into the night but had left a good portion on the dish when we (humans) went into the kitchen to refill our adult beverages.

Bad idea.

Upon return to the den where we had enjoyed a bit of the boudin on crackers and had unfortunately left said dish of boudin and crackers on a low coffee table, we found CruiserDog lapping up the last morsels of that ricey, spicy goodness.
My first thought was "Uh oh, I hope I can find a good carpet cleaner." Then my thoughts raced to "I wonder how much this is going to cost at the vet."

Luckily, CruiserDog has an iron-clad stomach...and a taste for the Cajun. I adopted him from east Texas, but perhaps he came from way further east, like Louisiana.

That CruiserDog. Always making me laugh. Love ya, CruiserDog. Don't ever change.


Sassy Blondie said...

That CruiserDog is ADORABLE! I want to kiss him/her!

Oddly enough, Cruiser, I attended a chili and cornbread party at a friends this holiday. Nothing like comfort food! Only, yours sounds like it was way more fun because all those bitches were married and talked only about their kids.

I'm a childless spinster who drinks too much. (at least that's what they insinuated)

Have a Happy New Year! Got plans?

tdawg said...

THAT'S CruiserDog? Wow, what a sweetie! Guess he just likes the same snacks that you do! Can't blame him for having good taste, eh?

And it gives ya hope when the 14 year olds of the world have the wisdom & common sense to see the light!

Have a terrific New Year's chill-out CM! And give CruiserDog a big ol' hug for me!

CruiserMel said...

Sassy: I guess the chili idea must've been going around, but our party was way more fun than your's. The only judgement going around was from CruiserDog's glares as we weren't sharing the boudin. btw, he is a he. And he's super-kissable. I'll give him one from you.

CruiserMel said...

t-dawg: He's the canine equivalent of little ole me, no doubt. But his begging is relentless. I guess he just found his opportunity and swooped-in. Actually, it was really funny. How can ya be mad at that face?

HNY to you, too!

n8 b said...

I got a couple of the iTunes gift cards for Christmas too and they are already history... Did you download any new good tunes?

Nice blog you got hear btw...

CruiserMel said...

n8b - thanks for dripping by - always nice to see a new face around here. As for the itunes card, I'm such a slacker - I haven't even had time to think about it. Yet. Any suggestions???

ThatGirl7278 said...

Your dog is friggin' adorable!!!! I want one (someday).