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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Apparently, I'm BI Now

Aw, here we go again...CruiserMel disappears for awhile and y'all start talkin' trash about me. Don't think it goes unnoticed either. But I won't take it in a negative light, rather as good PR. There's no such thing as bad publicity. But enough about that, let's talk about me.

Where to begin? Ah yes - Todd.

*GASP* Did I say Todd?

Why yes I did say Todd. Imagine that.

Dat's right, my peeps, T the G came to Dallas to play the House of Blues and I was in Todd Heaven. I'd seen this particular show (well, different drummer) in Vegas earlier this year and let's just say I was a-buzz with excitement because Todd rarely comes around these parts. There were a bunch of friends I know from the int-a-net fan sites who came from miles around, including the little bro I never had, Doug from RundgrenRadio.com and his lovely bride. We'd met back in May at a New Cars show in Louisiana and I was thrilled to have them as house guests.

It was crazy insane and the fatigue I'm still feeling from my "Adventures in Utopia" (you wouldn't understand that reference unless you were a Toddhead, so don't be hard on yourself) has been completely worth it.

I can't tell you a whole lotta details or I'd have to kill you, but it was a whirlwind of fun. Wanna see some photos? No? Well, tough.

Dat's right, my chitlins....that's CruiserMel gettin' her snuggle on with Todd. *strut strut*
And yup, that would be Kas in a couple of the pictures, too. Oh, did I forget to mention him? My bad. Hee hee. *blush*

After their stop in Dallas, the band headed for Austin while my partner in crime, L, and I drove on ahead to New Orleans for just a tad bit of fun. New Orleans is kinda boring. Not much to do there. But we discovered this street called Bourbon and let's just say there was mucho flowing of the spirits (both liquid and voodoo) and most is a blur.

What I do remember is the lights going out in our hotel room, which was haunted btw, going to a bar named Utopia (see above Todd reference), dancing with a guy with a grill, having some shrimp bisque to die for, numerous Skyy & diet cokes, drinking the most loaded daiquiri in history and demanding more vodka be added to it, making out with a complete stranger in a bar (uh, yeah, the daiquiri was kickin' in about that time), getting my friggin' life saved by L as I was completely out of my mind and heading to a dark alley to get more of my make-out on with said complete stranger, and then it fades to black.

The next morning L informed me that I was bi. I searched the history in my brain and said I remembered making out with that guy but what the fuck else did I do after that?!?!?

She couldn't contain her laughter and informed me that "bi" stood for bad influence. Whatever. I've been called worse.

Then we went to Harrah's for a little pre-lunch gambling and I found a magical quarter that quickly went into my shoe and hasn't left there since. It helped me more than double my money in a short time and then we were off to lunch at Mother's (go there, no kidding) and to meet little bro Doug (he drove in from Alabama sans bride to see our next Todd show at the New Orleans House of Blues). Our little family was complete. Awww.

After some pre-show cocktailing and whorin' up, we went to the venue and witnessed yet another awesome show by T the G. Even better than Dallas. Wanna see some photos? No? Well, tough.

I gave Kasim a little token birthday gift, a collectors' item of sorts in the form of a RundgrenRadio.com tshirt, designed by Doug, just for the Texas shows.
He seemed thrilled. Or was that me? Is it getting hot in here?

All too soon, Doug, L and I were back on Bourbon Street, fancy that, tearing it up, eating Lucky Dogs, and carrying on like it was all about us. And it was all about us. Always is. And we tell eachother that all the time, too. It's a family thing, ya know. Deal.
There's way more, but like I said, I'd have to kill ya and you don't want me going off on you, now that I've got da voodoo on my side. Seriously, they've got that stuff down there in N'awlins! Creepy.

Sadly, the sun started coming up and we had to go our separate ways. Eight hours back to Dallas with dirty restrooms, boudin, Doug E. Fresh songs, road hallucinations and all.

Tickets to see Todd: $90
Gasoline to New Orleans: $100
Number of private jokes between friends: 3,612
Alcoholic beverages: 2700
Hours of sleep between Saturday and Saturday: 4
Seeing Todd and Kasim again: Priceless


Sassy Blondie said...

I did miss you, Cruiser, but damn I'm glad you were having some fun! :)

RockDog said...

That is yet another kick ass story! I love it! You have the BEST adventures ever!!!


Bi = Bad Influence...sweet! I am stealing this!!!

Have a great week!

The HOR blogger said...

Do they recognize you yet? Like for real though, not a joke?

Favorite nights of your life???? You finaly consumated your groupie status?? (KIDDING!!:)

Glad you had fun, you look great!

Kerry said...

You just have way too much fun!

CruiserMel said...

Thanks y'all. You guys crack me up.

Especially you, Lindy (hor)! We're talkin' Bourbon Street - hello! - so who knows what happened. Just kidding, but I kid because I love ya, ya know that, right? It's just good that I stayed away from the daiquiris that second night.

Circe said...

You are the partyingest gal ever! (Meant in the very best way, of course);)


tdawg said...

So, when are you gonna get out there & have some fun then?

Glad that you had such a great time! Can't wait to hear about your next adventures!

CruiserMel said...

tdawg - Hey, you'd better be with me the next time! Just sayin.

Williebee said...

Sounds like an outstanding time Mel.

Glad to hear it!
Over in the rainy midwest DB walks for her Masters tomorrow. I'll send you a pic of the cap and gown thing.

Meantime, I'm learning more than I ever wanted to know about remote control butterflies.