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Sunday, February 10, 2008

CruiserMel's in the Music Biz Now?

I've joined in the music promotion biz with my pals Doug, from RundgrenRadio.com and Carrie and Dave from GroupieGear to present a very special acoustic evening with Kasim Sulton in Atlanta, Georgia for March 1st.

Not only is it a night of music and fine storytelling by my friend, Kasim, but he will be joined on stage by Doug Kennedy and another guest or two, TBA. And an up-n-comer named Alec Roeser will open the night with his smooth Todd-inspired stylings.

Can we make it even better? Hell to the yeah, we can! This show will be shot in HD for a DVD, to eventually be sold on Kasim's website.

And just for grins and to make it even more special, attendees will get a limited edition tshirt and get a signed DVD.

Check out the video Doug made to go along with his interview with Kas last week. If you look close enough, you'll see your's truly in it. I guess I'm now immortalized in youtube.

If you live anywhere near the Atlanta area, I strongly urge you to check out Alec and Kas on March 1, 2008. See ya there! Get your tickets here!


Swishy said...

Fun!! Unfortunately I am nowhere NEAR Atlanta, but ... fun!!!

Dezdmona said...

Congrats Mel, sounds like a job to love!
Now all those travel expenses are tax deductible!

Sgt said...

Toss in a backstage pass to meet CruiserMel and I'm there!

tdawg said...

WooHoo, I'm not REAL close to Atlanta, but what the hay, I'm going anyway!!...life's just too short.

First time that I will be taking a flight to see a concert, but then again, it is SO much more than that!

Blakken said...

Mel, Rob aka Blakken is back! I am done with college! You can visit my blog at blakken.com/blog =). I see read yours from time to time!