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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Pretty Good Week Indeed

Hiya, my little chitlins! How's it hangin'? Really? Do tell! And the kiddies? How's the job going?

Oh wait - you're here to hear about CruiserWorld. My bad.

Life in CruiserWorld has been pretty groovy, baby.

Last week, we had two outstanding (if I may say so myself) RundgrenRadio.com shows. Tuesday, I hosted Denny Laine, who founded "The Moody Blues" and co-founded with Sir Paul McCartney "Wings." I reckon that will be as close to interviewing a Beatle that I'll ever get. Lemme tell ya, I was pretty nervous, but he was so gracious and mellow that I forgot all about my butterflies about a minute into the show. Then on Wednesday, we hosted our main man TODD RUNDGREN for an hour and a half! We've had him on before, but this was extra special as he was excited to talk about his new CD coming out - TOMORROW.

Let's see what else has been going on... oh yeah, I'm working myself out of a job and therefore taking some days off here and there to get things done. Important things like cleaning house, doctor's appointments, auto maintenance, and oh yeah - going to the State Fair of Texas.

If you recall, the 3 weeks of The State Fair of Texas are some of my favorite days of the year. I never liked the Fair as a child - it was dirty and stinky and when you're closer to the ground, it's most unpleasant. But now I'm tall (okay, taller than back then) and it's really cool. I'm not so much into the rides, though I did my annual spin on The Love Bugs ride, but it's the people-watching that's so fun. You see everything! Young, old, fat, thin, attractive and then there are the people who put the U in UGLY. And those are the visitors! Oh my.

I ate my self-required two Fletcher's corny dogs, drank a beer and had a homemade root beer. I'm a traditionalist. I'm not into the new best thing - usually covered in a thick layer of fried. (corny dogs excepted) They've got fried EVERYTHING. They've got fried oreos, fried pickles, fried ice cream, fried latte, fried cookie dough, fried olive balls (gotta admit, this one almost made it onto my "gotta try" list), fried corn, etc. Hmm, I just made myself hungry, but I digress.

This year's new food thang just makes my arteries harden as I type this: chicken fried bacon. You may ask yourself, isn't all bacon fried? Yes, it is. But this is CHICKEN fried. It doesn't involve chicken, but it does mean that it's been batter-dipped and then fried. Double death. Makes me shiver. I got a gander of it and it wasn't all that disgusting, but for the price and the risk, I'll stick with my corny dogs, thankyouverymuch.

I caught the Dancing Dogs show, which was cute and it was at a time that I needed to rest my bones for a few. As I watched these pooches doing rhythmic moves to Michael Jackson, I thought of my own little CruiserDog who can do all of one trick - and that's only so he can get a cookie. These little guys WORK for a living. I just glared at CruiserDog and he rolled over to reveal his privates and let out a fart. That's my boy.

After the dog show, I mosied (that's what we do in Texas) over to the petting zoo - one of the cutest things every year. They had goats, camels, donkeys, miniature horses, and all sorts of barnyard beings. As usual, the cutest of the cute award goes to those little pink piglets. I tried to force one into my purse, but they frown on that. And of course, one look at the size of his mother, I thought better of it.

Oh oh oh - there are several bands that play around the fairgrounds, one of which really caught my ear. I'd heard of them before and poo-poo'd the whole idea, but now that I've heard them, I'll be catching their shows in rotation with my other local acts. Stay with me - they are Celtic Rock. I know, I know. It probably draws a full army of dorks, but once you've seen this one guy rawk an electronic bagpipe in a KILT, you'll change your mind. Check 'em out: The Killdares.

Anyhoo - here are a few pictures taken last Friday on opening day. If you're in the north Texas area, I highly recommend hitting the State Fair. Afterall, it is the GREAT State Fair of Texas.

And while I'm thinking about it, fellow blogspot bloggers - I am helping someone get started on their own blog. I've found that the powers that be with blogspot have changed the template process. Has anyone with an establised blog tried to upgrade to a new template? I'm thinking about it, but what if I lose some stuff in the transition? Any advice?


Dezdmona said...

Denny Laine? Cool Beans! :P

Love the Kildares! I've seen them several times..love celtic rock. :D
We'll be at the Fair on Mon, Oct 6...wanna go again? LOL

Haven't had any problems updating my blog with new features.

Anonymous said...

We're taking off work on the 10th to take Dylan. I can't wait!!!

CruiserMel said...

Dez and Kerryon - y'all should check out The Killdares - the stage is around there by the pig races, etc - they play everyday at 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Have a blasty-blast!

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser!! You actually went to the fair? Blegh. I just can't bring myself to go.

However, my "fair" is Edgefest...and tickets I have! Woo hoo! Maybe I'll get to make out with that totally hot bald guy from Staind...

*Sigh* If wishes were horses....