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Sunday, March 11, 2007

How Do I Adjust The Color?

I am such a total slug. Ever since I started this blog I've experienced life's little nuances in a far richer way than ever before. Even driving down a road I've driven 1000 times, I can find something interesting and more times than not, I hear that voice in my head saying "that's something I could blog about." Having a stupid little blog has opened my ears and my eyes and my world is more colorful, if only in tiny ways.

That being said, I don't have a clue what's wrong with me. Can a person have writer's block and not really be a writer in the first place? It's so frustrating. I want so much to be the kind of blogger who spills over with witty, interesting and most-importantly daily posts. The best I've been able to conjure up lately is a weekly posting and frankly, I think I've lost my mojo.

It's not like funny schit doesn't happen to me - believe me, funny schit happens all the time around me - but for some reason it's not translating to the computer screen and I find myself spending time typing an entry only to hit the delete button.

So, I apologize for not keeping up to my own high standards and posting at least 2 or 3 times a week. I think it's the high pollen count. Or this sty I call my home. Or the fact that I need reading glasses so badly that I had to buy a magnifying makeup mirror to properly apply my mascara, but it also makes my tiniest wrinkles look like fjords in Norway, not to mention that apparently I've lived with a unibrow all of my life and never knew it.

Maybe I just need to adjust the hue or tint or whatever so I can get back my grip on finding the color in my world again. Yeah. That's the ticket.

Perhaps I just need a good little cry, nothing serious. I think I'll watch an old episode of Grey's Anatomy. That should do it.

Move it along. And can ya pass me a Kleenex, please?


Williebee said...

Hey, lady?

Your blog has a picture of Leo the Goldendoodle on the right side of it.

What more does a reader need sometimes?

Cut yourself some slack.
Oh, and get yourself some stylin' frames for those eyes.


Mr. Fabulous said...

You should just totally write about how great I am and how outraged you are that I have not yet awarded a Nobel Prize.

Sgt said...

Odd.. my world sort of flips. Like the old TVs where you had to adjust the vertical hold.

Like you, I often see things I think I'd want to blog about, but by the time I get home, I'd rather do something else. That's just fine with me. Once a passtime or hobby becomes like work, it quickly becomes tiresome.

Enjoy yourself. Just post when you have that "I just have to post this" feeling.

CruiserMel said...

Willie - Ya know, you're right. Even your pic of Dakota with that tongue hanging out has made me grin a widdle. Thanks for the perspective.

Mr. Fab - Completely correct you are! But does Nobel have a category for you yet?

Sgt - your last line just made me think of that song.... "You've lost....that blogging feeling....whoa that blogging feeling..." I sense the color is coming back already.

Hugs to you all, my virtual men.

Lindystar said...

OMG I totally bought one of those 10X mirrors this weekend. I ended up glued to it in the bathroom for TWO HOURS last night doing all sorts of unholy shit to my poor face. I think I should have a set time limit as to how much time I'm allowed to spend with it, kind of K-fed style, cuz damn I could do some damage.

I get what you mean about posting, I'm always thinking of stuff to write but then I'll browse everyone elses for a while and come up thinking that my shit isn't even half as funny or amusing and just sort of putter out.

I like the stuff you write even when it's just about cruiser dog, it's just plain interesting to have a glimpse into other peoples world for a moment, crime free peeping, and even if it's not crazy funny it's stll just cool to have that window.

(p.s. sorry I like horrible run on sentances.)

RockDog said...

Yeah, wathcing Grey's Anatomy makes me cry also...because it sucks so bad! LOL! Just kidding!

Tug said...

Rose colored glasses...it's all about rose colored glasses. ;-)

Dezdmona said...

I can't tell you how many posts I HAVEN'T posted.

But then I've been in a weird mood recently about the blogosphere...maybe it is the pollen.

Ignore me.

Steven Novak said...

Blame it on the high pollen count...

I blame everything on the high pollen count. ;)


CruiserMel said...

Lindy - I too need a time limit on mirror time. It was horrifying the first time I saw my pores the size of dimes. And seriously, how come no one has ever mentioned that I think I have little Martians living in those pores?

Rockdog - well, it looks like you and I don't have EVERYthing in common anymore. Makes me sad.

Tug - rose colored 1.50 glasses maybe. LMAO

Dez & Steven - For reals. It clogs up the head and therefore it must clog up the blogging neurons. Damn, I scare myself with my logic.

Lindystar said...

"...little Martians living in those pores."

I bow down to your hilarious and way holy shit that's so true admission.

KP said...

Ok, well personally, I laughed out loud (and related) to your comment about the unibrow & fjords. That was some funny shit right there, I tell you what.

Bev said...

I already use a magnifying mirror to apply my mascara. I think it's ok.