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Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Springtime

I think I just needed that little cry last night. It was precious. No, I'm lying. It was ugly. And snotty. And felt awesome. Thanks to my reader - no wait - make that plural - for your tender little kicks to mine hiney. I knew I could count on you kiddies. It also helped that I think I might actually be up to date on reading your blogs that I had gotten behind on. You are some funny peeps, Peeps.

Today has been all about music and in particular CruiserMel's concert scheduling for the next few months. I dig this stuff! Oh quit rolling your eyes like you didn't know that about me.

The morning started off with me putting my passport together with my plane and concert tickies for my trip to Philly in 11 days, which will include some facetime with Kasim. Yeah, you thought I might get through 5 posts without mentioning him, did ya? Wrong-o, sucka. I still don't know what to wear, but CruiserMel will be rockin' some fresh highlights to really show off an enormous zit or a piece of spinach in my teeth, as per usual. But anyway, I'm a Meat Loaf virgin and all atwitter to see the big Bat Out Of Hell III show in all it's glory. I've got a theatre background, so hopefully I can get past ML's overacting and just enjoy the music. Oh who am I kidding? I'll have my eyes on the bass player so who really cares?

Then I firmed up my plans with L and S (geez, I've got a bunch of S friends) for seeing The New Cars (yeah, here it comes - say it with me my children - including Todd Rundgren) in southern Louisiana in May. Can I get an AMEN? On a sad note: Kasim can't be there, but if it's the same guy who filled-in for him on a few shows last year (Atom Ellis - he's perdy dang cute, too) then we'll be reasonably thrilled with the show.

THEN I had lunch with my friend S (same as above but not the S who helped me with screwdriver chores last month) wherein we laid out our gameplan for buying John Mayer tickets Friday morning for his appearance in Dallas in June. Keep your fingers crossed, will ya, that she's successful with her connections for getting us a private audience with J-May......okay, a small huddled crush of fans backstage with Johnnieboy. Double bonus on the J-May show: the odds are good that previously-blogged James Morrison will be the opener! I don't know what I'll do with that double bill of singer-songwriter-gods in my presence. Oh yeah I do - I'll faint and spend the entire concert in the medical tent. *glaring at S because she will so NOT come be with me and miss seeing Johnnie and then she'll rub it in my face that I missed his song dedication to me (yeah, right) for months afterwards*

All this and I just might cave-in and go see Jimmy Buffett in April with L (man, I just realized I've got several L friends, too) because isn't that what MasterCard is for?

So it's been a pretty good day at the CruiserMel corral. No bills came in the mail today. I had ravioli for dinner AND Eddie Izzard's new show "The Riches" starts tonight.

Life is getting greener. And you guys were a part of helping me see that. You guys get me, you really get me. *wiping a tear* Nah, just kidding.


tfg said...

It takes a brave woman to go to Philly volunatarily.

Tug said...

pretty flowers.....

LOVE Meat Loaf, can't wait to see how it was! And where are you going to see Buffet? He was AWESOME in Vegas, notsomuch in Phoenix. Had a friend that saw him in Key West & said that was unbelievable...HAVE FUN!!

Swishy said...

Springtime makes EVERYTHING seem better, doesn't it?

CruiserMel said...

tfg - that's how I roll, bro.

tug - I'm sure the ML event will become an entry here - and you'll probably be the only one who reads it. LOL Um, let's see - Buffett in Dallas, outdoors. I saw him once in Northern Virginia, but that was a long time ago. I've been listening to quite alot (to keep myself in cruise mode) and his stuff is just so fun.

Swishy - I hate to admit it, but yes, I'm diggin' the flowers and especially the flowering trees. What a sucker I am. Next I'll be looking around for bunnies and baby chicks.

Lindystar said...

Sorry to be off sub. but damn it Cruiser those puppies are starting to get to me. I don't have time for a dog right now but GEEEEZ there so cute.

Plus my mom got baby chicks, ducks and turkeys this weekend and there so cute too. I want a ducky.

Sgt said...

What a coincidence, I like chicks too!

Oh... you meant foul. NM. Ignore that.

Which Southern Louisiana venue are you going to?

CruiserMel said...

Lindy - a baby turkey? I don't think I've ever seen one of those. She's not just ..... dare I say it? .... getting ready for T-Giving already, is she? Yikes. As for the puppies - look at it this way - you're getting a new puppy each and every day. Free of charge.

Sgt - Actually, I meant FOWL, not foul. Touche'. In answer to your question, TNC will be at Coushatta Casino/Hotel in Kinder on 5/11. That may not technically be in south La, but it's south of where I am. Geography wasn't my best subject in school.

Dezdmona said...

Ohhhh...Concert season :)

I know how your looking forward to that Philly trip...be sure and give my regards to E.

Single seats still popping up for Buffett in Dallas on TM.
(However, I've got 3 xtra for JB in Houston on the 21st.)

RockDog said...

Meat should be a pretty good show as long as you don't get hit with the river of sweat the he produces. Great vocals though! I'd like to think that "By The Dashboard Lights" will be dedicated to me simply because it is my favorite song by the Loaf and he appreciates my support.

Shelle said...

You know how much I love Todd and Kasim, but I just can't seem to get myself to a Meatloaf or New Cars show. I think it would be torture for me. I'm still hoping Todd tours with The Tony Levin band. As for Kasim , I just love his solo shows.
What would really be great is if the "Liars" band toured again.

CruiserMel said...

Dez - I'm still giving JB a thought or two, but not interested in going to Houston.

Rockdog - There was a reason I didn't buy front row seats. Ewww. I'll let ya know if he dedicates PBTDBL to ya.

Shelle - I'm with you on the Liars band. Loved those guys - great chemistry. But I'd like it if they'd let Kas out of his cage occasionally. Never seen Tony Levin - he's really "all that?"

KP said...

Since when do you need your Passport to go to Philly? Why did you cry last night? Who is "S"? I have been gone too long... Man.

Lindystar said...

Baby turkey pics coming up!

Tug said...

Can't wait to "hear" all about it! Do you have Buffet's Christmas CD? Cracks me up while getting me in the mood. for CHRISTMAS. ;-)

CruiserMel said...

kp - I know you've been gone gone gone ya been gone so long ya been gone gone so gone. (reminds me of a song) Passports aren't required, but you know how I like to be prepared - ya never know when I might get whisked away to Paris by some white knight. As for crying, it was just a necessary evil - no real reason. S is the one I work with. Any more questions?

Lindy - very kewl.

Tug - I think I have heard a cut or two from his Xmas stuff, but it's not on my regular rotation. I'll have to talk to L, my resident Parrothead about it.

Golightly said...

Spring is the best. I love it. Wish weather wise it was Spring in Texas all the . Have fun!!

Sarah said...

Go see Buffet! I don't even like him and I go to his concerts all the time because they are so much freaking fun. There are pictures of me from his concerts that I will have to hide from my future children that's how much fun they are.

CruiserMel said...

Shelle - It appears your wish may be coming true! TR w/TL. 4/21. If I know you, you've got a big ole grin on your face. Wishes do come true. Yay!

CruiserMel said...

Golightly - Literally or figuratively, I'm diggin' whatever this feeling is I've got - I'm just calling it springtime because I have zero vocabulary anymore.

Sarah - You're so right. It's the tailgating that matters. And I've heard about some of the goings-on at those parking lot parties. Hot tubs, etc? Where does someone buy a coconut bra?