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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Daytime Television Sucks

Ugh. What a day.

When my alarm went off, I woke up with one of those blaring headaches. Those ones that escape description. All you know is that something hurts like a mutha and you just want to reach into your cranium and pull a chunk of pain out through your ear. Nothing was going to help except for a big dose of Excedrin, some hot tea and hitting the bed with CruiserDog for a few more hours of shut-eye.

When I awoke around 4:00 this afternoon I felt loads better. I moved into the den to see what might be on daytime television.

What a disappointment! I figured out I don't think I'd make a good kept woman. Daytime television sucks. Hard.

I'm no Oprah girl. I have to be in the mood for Lifetime network. Even VH-1 didn't grab my attention. I've got the super duper grande package of channels, but couldn't find anything. Anything!

I picked through my DVD collection and pulled out a little gem I had not seen in awhile and popped it in the player. I should've watched it earlier today. It might be good medicine.

So with little adieu, I give you, Spinal Tap.


RockDog said...


Day time TV is hell on earth.

"It's one louder!" Classic!!!

Sassy Blondie said...

AMEN, Cruiser! And maybe one day I will tell you all about what Rob Reiner told me about Spinal Tap...

puerileuwaite said...
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puerileuwaite said...

Good choice. The Tap reminds me that my audience isn't diminishing, it's just becoming more "selective".

CruiserMel said...

Rockdog - Color me surprised that you, of all people, would know a Spinal Tap quote. Not.

Sassy B - seriously, when do you plan on blogging all your brushes with fame?

Pugman - Ha ha, I hear ya on that. I think we're both acquired tastes.

Krissie said...

Hey, I saw at Lindy's you want to visit me, so to say. E-mail me so I can invite you, k? E-mail's in the profile.

Kerry said...

I get bored with daytime television. It seems they've run out of things to talk about on the talk shows.... and i'm so far behind on soap operas it isnt funny!

Shelle said...

I bought my 16 year old nephew a copy of the DVD. It took him a while to get into it, and now I find he is always throwing out lines from the movie.
I think we'll watch it tonight.