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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Mixed Bag

Remember me? I'm sorry, I've been staying away from writing a new post for way too long - once again. And I promised I wouldn't do that to ya. Forgive?

It's been a busy week - and we're only half-way through it. Ugh. Let's see what I can dredge up and form into some neat little pile to pass a couple of minutes while you're reading this....

A girl I work with, L, gave me a belated birthday gift this week. Mind you, I was thrilled to have my birthday come and more importantly GO, so when she popped her head in my office and said "happy birthday," it took me by surprise. She'd gone shopping at lunchtime and she knows I love nothing more than getting free stuff, so she had gotten all kinds of beauty samples and was passing them along to me. Me!

I felt like the Artful Dodger in Fagin's hideout, picking through the bag of lotions and potions as if they were gold watches and cash. It was a bag of treasure. Or so I thought.

When I looked closer, each little sample had at least one of the following phrases listed on the package:

Youthful Radiance

Um. Yeah. This is why birthdays aren't so fun anymore. But I have to say - how touching is that? Why would she even think about me and my birthday weeks after the fact? Tres' cool.

Moving on......

I think I broke up with Boy Toy J last weekend. Well, for 24 hours, at least. It was cumulative. He didn't actually do anything in particular to push me into bitch-mode. I just went there on my own and gave him the old speech that rolls around in my head whenever he comes up with some cockamamie (is that how that is spelled?) idea or bings off the wall for the 413th time. The speech where I turn into a mother and hear myself saying things like "when do you plan on growing up?" It wasn't pretty. We all know how I hate being that person, but sometimes it just builds up in me and I have to bleed-off the steam or my face will peel off my skull and dragons and fire will spew from my facial orifices. We don't want that to happen, do we? He wrapped his tail between his legs and limped home. When we talked the next day, he had not slept and said he was going to be responsible and be that guy I want him to be. My walls have gone up again. I'm leery. I'm not buying it, entirely. But he is cute and I do care about him, whether it's right or wrong. And besides, it's not like Prince Charming is knocking down my door. And no, I don't want a lecture, mmmmkay?

Have you noticed the new countdown clock over there? No, over on the right. Your other right. Yeah, the yellow thingy. It may not sound all that sexy and exciting, but I'm quite thrilled to be heading to Cleveland in a week to see two Kasim shows. I'm also getting to meet for the first time a friend (T) who I've been chatting with for quite awhile about all things Kasim and Todd. We're also planning on touring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame one day! Great fun!

Topic #4 for this post (man, I'm all over the place): I was checking out the ole site-meter the other day and I'm proud to say I've had my first hit from south of the equator! I feel so international now. Apparently, there is an Aussie who wanted to know "things to do while asleep." I have no idea why they ended up here, but once you get past the usual things to do while asleep, I'm pretty sure there aren't many left. So I probably wasn't too helpful. Sigh.

Speaking of sleep - it's getting late here and I'm not really feeling bloggy, so I'm going to sign off for now. Hopefully some wonderfully exciting adventure will drop in my lap soon and I can rattle off the post of all posts.

Until then......


Swishy said...

OK, forget the anti-aging stuff ... that's so nice she thought of you!

Lips zipped on J! :)

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser, I hear you on the birthday thing. Freakin November is looming on me.

Sorry to hear of the BTJ troubles. But you are a smart cookie, and you'll know what's what.

Be happy!

honeykbee said...

Do keep us (ok, me) posted on the BJT developments. I think I can learn a lot here.

puerileuwaite said...

Don't knock the anti-wrinkle cream. I tried some on a certain "area", and now I can't go out in public without the ladies noticing me.

You never forget your first hit "south of the equator". Mine was in little league. The next day I got my first cup.

Just Sayin' said...

Hey Mel... How can you not know if you broke up with him or not???

I mean... For the relationship to work, it's probably pretty important to know if you are actually still in the relationship.

But hey... What do I know?

BTW... When are you coming to Chicago??? I'll give you the musical tour!

CruiserMel said...

JS - Dude, I love me some Chicago, but I don't have a trip planned. Yet. But yeah - I'm game for it whenever my next trip comes along.