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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ain't No Baby, Baby

Unbelievable as it may seem, Ramblings of an Idle Mind isn’t an infant anymore. It’s a toddler. Yes, my little baby slice of the blogosphere will be one year old tomorrow. And Mommy is so very proud of her little tyke.

We’ve learned how to drink from a bottle. (scotch, vodka, bourbon….)

We’ve learned how to walk, after drinking from a bottle. (holding on to walls helps)

We've learned from other bloggers how to talk about vaginas, penises, and poop, which is exactly what babies like to talk about.

We’ve learned how to not pee in our pants. (okay, there was that one time when Johnny Virgil wrote about getting his septic tank siphoned out…)

We’ve learned about toys from Lindy. (it apparently does take a village…)

We’ve learned how to defend ourselves from Sassy Blondie. (in real Texas style yet!)

We’ve learned how to be a proper sports fan from Lozo. (along with lessons about how to not become a professional poker player)

We’ve learned all about Grey’s Anatomy and The Office from Sarah every Friday. (along with how to become the partyingest animal in Ohio)

We’ve learned how to properly dump a boyfriend from Golightly and her friend, Kate. (I can attest that their script works!)

We’ve learned how to flirt with boys…like Pugman and Just Sayin.

We’ve learned how to play with friends from all kinds of places like Mr. Fabulous in Florida, Williebee in Illinois (okay, so I cheated here – I actually know this one in real life), and while we’re talking about real life peeps, there’s always my bestest rock & roll hor / friend, KP in Fort Worth, Circe & Kerry in OKC, Sgt Redline down in the bayou, Rockdog in New Yawk, Anonymous Coworker in Maryland, Tug in Colorado (bless your heart) and some precious Texas friends like Swishy, ThatGirl, and Pecos Girl. And there are soooo many more that we would like to mention, but toddlers get tired and this one needs a nap.

Needless to say, it’s a fun playground, for sure.

Mostly, we’ve learned to use spellcheck and how to post videos, photos and live links to our favorite friends.

And a most-valuable lesson: try to avoid posting while intoxicated.

Which is something I’m doing right now.

Do as I say, not as I do, and you’ll get some cake and ice cream. Or a tumbler of wine. You know where the corkscrew and tumblers are. Help yourself and get comfy – Ramblings of an Idle Mind ain’t done yet!

…..and many more………..


hapsmysys said...

Happy birthday little blog!

I shore am glad about the blog 'cuz I can't seem to time the phone thang right. Must be all the partyin' thats goin' on in Dallas and Vegas and Oklahoma City and...

Well at least your trusty ole 'chine has the CruiserVoice.

You know - for old times sake...

Golightly said...

Happy, happy birthday! Here's to another great blogging year ;)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh my...they grow up so fast, don't they?

Happy Birthday!

RockDog said...

Happy Blog Birthday thingie! And many more...!


Blogget Jones said...

Happy Birthday, fellow blogger!

And many more!

(on Channel Four...and Yogi Bear in his underwear...an Scooby Doo on channel two....and Frankenstein on channel nine.... Oh, I need a vacation from my kids)

Tug said...

HAPPY HAPPY!! I'll pass on the cake & ice cream, thanks - but will tip my bottle to you!


after work.


Circe said...

Happy BD, sweetums!!!!
We're thrilled we bumped into you in this neck of the blogosphere!!

*sloppy kisses, huge KerCir hugs, and a playful swat to grow on go out from Okieland to our preshus CM in Texas*

ThatGirl7278 said...

I just sang out loud to your blog.

You're welcome. :)

Sassy Blondie said...

Happy Freakin' Birthday, lil CruiserBlog! Your Aunt Sassy sure has enjoyed reading you.

(Why does that sound dirty to me now that I read it back to myself?)

Anywho, Cruiser, you're a peach! We TX gals really should get together!

Swishy said...

Ohhh, happy birthday! And many, many more!

Just Sayin' said...


The HOR blogger said...

Aw DAG GUMMIT!! With all of our computer problems last week I couldn't comment!! But I'm back and I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!!!! and YYAAYY!!!! And thank you, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! And that I'm glad you're a blogger cuz you're always a good read and funny and real and awwwwww you're just cool.

Happy Late Birthday Cruiser Blog :)

Johnny Virgil said...