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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time Again for "How Did You Find This Blog?"

I would be remiss to not say something like, "My you look trim!" and "How's the family?". I mean, it's been a friggin' week since we gathered here. And for reals: How is the family and you really do look trim. I kid you not.

I've agonized tonight over what in the wide world of sports would I blog about, but I just keep banging my head against the monitor. I just can't seem to get my funny on.

So I'm phonin' it in. So lame, I know.

But let's see where this takes us, shall we? It's kind of like my hands will do something like that weird psychic writing thingy, ya know?

Here are some of the more interesting google searches that led folks to this here blogarino:

Lots of searches about the State Fair of Texas! I mean people were looking for all kinds of answers and it's doubtful they found anything here. I mean, don't you think you'd go to the actual website for the State Fair of Texas to find out info regarding how much do rides cost at texas state fair, state fair of texas love bug, strollers at state fair, corny dog at state fair of texas, calories at fair of texas, state fair of texas 2007 sticker, or where to stay for state fair of texas? As Lindy would say: Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhllll!

This next one has had me scratching my head for days: mer-man eh eh eh mer-man. What the fuck? I mean it - what The FUCK? Are those song lyrics? Is that Ethyl Merman singing Rhiana? (get it? eh eh eh? oh whatever)

Of course, there were the usual Rozerem searches. I'm getting sick of these. At the same time, I kinda dig it because many folks get led here by that advertising website that sings the praises of those commercials whereas I slam the shit out of it. Heh.

I get alot of searches for variations on idle mind. Hmmm, do you suppose those folks simply have way too much time on their hands? If you are blindly googling the actual words for idle mind, then your mind is indeed, idle. Walk it off, pal.

This one got me giggling because it was right after I'd posted my story about Cheap Trick. Someone actually googled "angry redneck" as if most of them are angry, perhaps? I'm sure there are perfectly happy, well-adjusted rednecks everywhere who would like to kick your ass, big guy. You'd better git off ma property, cowboy, and stop pissin me off.

Okay, this is just plain weird. I get tons of hits because of girls gymsuits. Are gym suits some code for sexy these days? To be fair, the hits have increased in recent days...maybe it's research for Halloween costumes.

Fed Ex busy busy busy. Once more, what the fuck? I like that commercial, but I'm pretty sure I haven't blogged on it. Or did I do a secret intoxicated post that I don't recall. In invisible ink?

I'm not really sure why this one makes me laugh, but I'm sure it's my immaturity showing. randy flowers meat. Now, Randy Flowers is a guitar player. In Meat Loaf's band. Or this person was looking for something completely different. Tough call. People have some f'd up fetishes.

my idle hockey player. You figure that one out. I'm at a loss.

I actually get a lot of hits from folks pondering the "where are they now" file, under C for The Cars. Ric Ocasek and did benjamin orr date any female musicians top the list. Well, actually Paulina Poreskova tops the list, but we're not counting that at this juncture.

And finally, it has taken me awhile to figure out why I am the recipient of searches for what I think are Czech celebs, like pavel-novotny, tomas kalnoky divorce, frantisek kavan, vincent bochdalek and baroai - whatever. (whatever?) Listen to this: when I blogged about the term "spankbank," Pugman commented that his spankbank threatened to bounce too many Czechs - so he deposited them on my blog. For this, I thank you Pugman, my precious. I'm now mortifying and insulting Czechs the world over who look up their favorite Czech clergymen and role models.

So kiddies, you guys aren't the only weirdos out in the cold cruel world. You're in good company. Creepy company, but company nevertheless.

And just to plug Doug's RundgrenRadio show......if you've got an hour Wednesday night at 7:00 pm central time, you should check it out. Doug won't be hosting the show that night - but he's got Todd Rundgren's wife, Michele sitting in for him. Michele is quite funny and she's got some good poop to share, I'm sure. And she's got some very special guests on board: "Rundgren family members." Uh huh. Mysterious, no? You can bet I'll be listening live fo sho. Just in case.....


The HOR blogger said...

You don't get many searches for Todd the God? That's bullshit.

These days my searches have got increasingly gross and scary sex-wise and I'm considering taking my picture off my page. Geeshhh for serious. Wait , GAAAHhhhhh!! :) You made me smile :)

CruiserMel said...

Lindy -
I've gotten a tiny few searches for T the G, but there are so many other websites about him that I'm probably listed as #97,134.

I'll BET you get some doozy searches! (and from some really classy folks, too. not.) But seriously, I've thought about telling ya to take that picture off your blog...maybe replace it with some avant-gard, artsy self-portrait. But that would be a shame, too - because it's just sad that we have to be so frickin careful these days. Blech.

Woops, took this comment into serious mode. So solly.

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser, I got one to top your randy flowers meat:

"freeways to find rednecks fucking"

I shit you not, that was a search that led to my blog! OMG!


Golightly said...

hilarious. Search terms alone are much to be pondered - it shocks me the amount of random crazies out there in the world that land on my blog.

Kerry said...

Every now and then i take a sneak peek at what people searched for and found themselves on our blog... and I do recall a few insanely weird searches! I'll have to pay more attention now. haha