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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Great State Fair of Texas

Friday was a gorgeous Texas autumn day. Well, if you can call 90 degrees and sunny an autumn day. But no one would debate that Friday was a beautiful day.

What made it even more beautiful was that I had the day off and plans to go on my annual trek to the State Fair of Texas.

As I pulled into the parking lot on the fairgrounds, I felt the electricity in the air. There were families with strollers, teens with pocketfuls of cash to spend on midway games, an enormous amount of enormous butts, and a large population of blue-hairs in their powerscooters. Everyone had those fair-going smiles, including yours truly.

I love the Texas Fair. I always make certain to hit the Fair at least one time during it's three-week stay. It usually takes more than one visit because it is the largest state fair in the country. There's just too much to take in on one measly visit. Way too much.

First - there are the rides. This ain't no carnival in a grocery store parking lot, people. There is just about every ride you can imagine. My favorite is called The Love Bugs and it's one of those trains that goes around and around, faster and faster, while it rolls over bumps and throws your left hip into a hard metal corner of the seat and breaks your neck. The greatest things about the this ride is a tie between the music they blare over the speakers and the toothless guy running the thing while yelling "Do you wanna go faster? Then let me hear you screeeeeeam!" over and over. It's impossible for me to resist.

Then there is the Texas Star Ferris wheel. It's just gorgeous. And huge. I love to watch it as it travels up and over. It's so graceful. And did I say huge? Yeah, I don't do this ride. But it sure makes for a nice photo, doesn't it?

Another ride that I love to watch is the swings. The little kids' faces are priceless. I'm not a parent (of a human) but this is one time I wish I could borrow a kid.

Then there are the exhibits. I know, I know, the kiddies don't really like the exhibits, but hey, since I don't have a (human) kid, I can go see the exhibits in peace. The new automobiles didn't disappoint. I am seriously jonesin' for the new Lexus IS. I go through this every year where I sit in these new cars, mess with the buttons and act like I'm driving on the Bonneville Flats. But then I check the sticker price and get over it pretty fast.

I went to the Women's Museum to see a really cool exhibit of Hollywood costumes. They had Scarlett's green & white hooped dress that was worn in the picnic scene in "Gone With The Wind." They had costumes from "Titanic" and "Dreamgirls" among others. I was stunned how tiny they were. I guess movie stars just seem larger than life.

I looked at prize-winning quilts, Christmas stockings, pickled okra, jams and jellies, and a whole mess of sheep, hogs, goats and cows. (Hey, it is a fair, after all.)

There was a hilarious show called "Dancing with the Dogs" that was a blasty-blast to watch. Unfortunately, I didn't stick around long enough to see the pig races, where they put racing silks on piglets and they run around a course to get to the prize: an Oreo. Who knew?

But the real reason I go to the Fair is for the food. Counting carbs or calories or even worrying about trans-fat grams is taboo! Of course, I had to have my traditional favorites, such as the Fletcher's Corny Dogs (I had two!) and a funnel cake and two homemade root beers. I could probably qualify as a entrant in the pig races after all of that.

But every year there is something new and this year was no exception. They came up with something called Fried Latte. I never found the stand where this concoction was served and it's probably a good thing because it sounded divine. They take a sopapilla (a Mexican donut - thus the fried part) and sprinkle some instant coffee granules and cinnamon on that. Then they cover that with a scoop of cappuccino ice cream and caramel sauce. Then add a little more instant coffee sprinkles on top for good measure. Sinful. My arteries are hardening just writing those words. Makes me shudder, but I do wish I'd seen one of these up close.

When the sun began to set, I had a new blister on my foot and my legs were aching from walking for hours. I made my way back to my car. I sat on the worn leather seats of my not-new-at-all car with my surely larger behind than what I had earlier in the day and sipped on my second homemade root beer that I'd grabbed on the way out and wondered: we really don't grow up entirely, do we?


Just Sayin' said...

MMMMMM... Funnel cakes... I can actually smell them from here.

Hey Mel... Ummm what say you be a sport and wrap up one of them funnel cakes and ship that bad boy out FedEx???

puerileuwaite said...

If you loved that, then lady, I've got good news. You see, not only am I a Carnival Barker, but I'm also an amatuer Weight Guesser!

Unfortunately most of my dates don't seem to appreciate the weight guessing, and those nights tend to end earlier than expected.

Still, I just KNEW that someday I WOULD meet a gal who enjoys activities under the "BigTop".

CruiserMel said...

Just sayin' - Okay - but it'll cost you: $12.50 entry, $10 parking and $2.50 for the F.C. I seriously don't think it'll be warm by the time it reaches you. Let me know if you're still interested.

Pugman - Oh, I do so enjoy big top activities, but you might be really good at guessing ages along with those weights...and I can't have that. Pity. Unless you can keep it to yourself. Uh oh, did I just flirt?

Circe said...

That fried latte sounds scrumptious!

You know, I have been to ONE state fair in my whole life and it was in OKC. Never got to NC's or Ohio's. I know I'm missing something in my life and this must be it. Yours sounds like alot of fun. :)

Swishy said...

HOW FUN! I am dying thinking of that food, all of that sinful, wonderful food!

Blogget Jones said...

I do miss the fair back in Texas. The last time I went in Lubbock, they had Fried Twinkies and Fried Snickers bars. Have you seen these things?!?!

Unbelievable. Everything bad for you, all rolled into one food.

But the bad stuff doesn't count. It's at the fair!!!

;o) BJ

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser, I went to the fair last Monday! What's up with the fried latte, btw? Yuck!

And how funny that we share the same favorite ride! It's so cute! I also like that octupus thing.
Did you pet the animals too?

God, I love the State Fair!!

Tug said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE funnel cake, elephant ears and Indian Tacos - NUM. And that fried latte sounds delish!

ThatGirl7278 said...

I want to go!! Heads up on next year's and I'm there!