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Monday, October 27, 2008

Groovin' With The Gays

Hey, where ya been? Oh yeah, I'M the one who's been M.I.A.

I've been busy, my little chitlins. Busy, I tells ya! How do I know I've been busy?

1. Dishes piled up in the sink because the dishwasher needs to be emptied.
2. You should see my credit card bill. Oy vey.

No, I'm not all Todd, all the time. Sometimes, I'm not even some Todd, some of the time. Okay, I've got a Todd story awaiting a blog entry. Don't roll your eyes, they might stick like that.

Thursday night, I headed out to see a singer/songwriter I've come to love for the past few years - Jason Mraz. Have you given this guy a good listen? Not only does he have an unbelievable tenor thang going on, but he's one of the most gifted wordsmiths in music today. And he's really cute for a geek.

Yeah, you've heard of him. He had a hit a few years ago with The Remedy. ("Well, if you've gots the poison, I've gots the remedy...") Now he's got a full-blown monster on radio with his newest single "I'm Yours." Seeeeeeeee, I knew you'd know who I'm tawkin' about.

He played to a packed house Thursday night and I was fortunate to get me a third row perch, albeit near the bass speakers, but it was a good pain to carry for a couple of days afterwards.

Lemme tell you about Jason's fan base. I expected mostly 20-somethings, females, upper-middle, yuppie types. That's what I found. Mostly. But there were folks there of every make and model known to Man. I saw pre-pubescent girls, middle-aged couples, some goth freaks (or were those Halloween costumes?), several scruffy-looking musician types who looked like they'd kill to get their songs on Grey's Anatomy, and an entire row of "the gays" behind me.

Get off my case. They called themselves that when they apologized for singing every song at the top of their lungs into my ears. I could barely hear them over the bass, but it went something like this:

"Honeeeeeeeeeey, you should know bettah than to sit near the gays if you don't want a real show!"

Fine by me - that meant I could get my own groove on in an upright fashion and not piss anyone off behind me when Jason busted out with an oldie, but oh-so-goodie "Build Me Up, Buttercup."

Love those gays. I thought one of them was going to ask me to Carolina Shag with them for awhile, but they were paired up kinda cozy by then. Sigh.

Anyway - chalk this show up as a winner. Even if you're not a fan beforehand, you will be, my friend. You will be.


hapsmysis said...

Glad you've been out having fuhn and even more glad not to see Ape Mamma everything I check in! boy howdy is she a scary sight!

Where do you find these pics?

No maybe I don't want to know...

CruiserMel said...

What? That was me!

hapsmysis said...

yeah right!

Remember I know who you are...
I've seen you without your war paint and youse be one lily white red-capped chickadee.

Although I can see the resemblance to some of our former friends...