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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pick A Card, Any Card

Ugh. What a choice we've got this time around. In my voting adult life, I've never felt like I was given the ole "which one is the lesser of two evils" choice as I am right cheer in 2008. But of course, I made my choice when I early-voted two weeks ago.

The only thing to do now is sit back and watch the feathers fly.

Or not. Tuesday at 8:30 ET, join us on RundgrenRadio.com for something way more interesting than watching the pundits pund, or whatever they do. They're not going to give you anything useful until the wee hours anyway.

On the show Tuesday, we'll revisit Todd Rundgren songs that have mirrored Todd's political punding (have I invented a new word?) over the years. So mute that telly (you can watch if you must) and have some fun on Election Night.


hapsmysis said...

I don't know about his foreign policy experience or what his economic plans are for the country, but he'd be a damn sight purtier to look at that the ones they got running...

CruiserMel said...

At least his inaugural parties would be more fun!

Anonymous said...

'Scuze me, Mel, but where have you been lately? There is a guy that I work with that wants to meet you. He goes to Fellowship in Grapevine... Call me sometime, kay?

Luff you. K.

Sassy Blondie said...

CRUISER!!!! Your entry was Nov 1st, but you've at least done more than me! Hope you are well!

CruiserMel said...

kerryon - OMG, will do, fo sho. Besides, gotta catch up anyway.

Sassy - gonna be doin' an entry pretty soon. Sorry - been super busy. And also - I'm a slacker and haven't read anyone's blog in a coupla weeks. *hanging head*