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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Too Soon For NYE Plans, Yo?

You had to know it was coming. This whole RundgrenRadio thang is like an addiction that keeps on itchin' in da brain, baby.
Doug & I just couldn't stop at doing the Birthday Bash back at Labor Day. It's a frickin' freight train and the next stop will be a semi-private party hosted by RundgrenRadio in Philadelphia on New Year's Eve. And yeah, Todd & Company will be in da house!
We're gonna have a bunch of fun stuff - we don't half-ass these things. Gotta keep it special and awesome! There'll be a free custom etched champagne flute for everyone and a commemorative event tshirt and some fantabulous custom event martini shakers for purchase, if you want. And of course, Todd Rundgren and his band will take the stage in time to ring in 2009 with some good old-fashioned rock-n-roll from his new cd, Arena.
Oh and to top it all off we'll be having a wedding before the band takes the stage. Ain't that the coolest? Two fans who went to Toddstock last June want to make it legal in front of their Toddfamily. I'm giddy and twitching with glee! And the good part about being involved with this wedding is no butt-bow'd bridesmaid dress! Me likey.
EDIT: Kasim Sulton will be singing a love song to the bride & groom. Can ya handle that???? Oh wait - Prairie Prince will be donning the Pope outfit. Not tellin' what role he'll play...just yet.
So - just in case you want to be a part of this gala and will be in the Philadelphia area at New Year's....check out our website here. Would love to have y'all join us!
So - THAT'S what I've been up to lately. Sorry for the no-posting thing for awhile. If L will send me her photos from our cruise, I might be able to do another posting pretty soon about our exploits on the high seas. Hint, L!


hapsmysis said...

Well it's about time you got off your franny and told us what's going on in the world! I was getting mite tired of being greeted with the election pic even if it did feature the hailigah Todd.

Now you have to figure out what I said...

CruiserMel said...

Hapsmysis -

1. My fanny ain't in franny-shape just yet.

2. I just about burned up my search engine with the haligah entry. I'm assuming this is something Yiddish or some new form of Pig Latin, but by context of the sentence, I'm sure you meant "even if it did feature the most magnificent and no-one-better-than Todd". Am I close? Otherwise, get the F outta here. And as a subnote - you know I luvs ya, right? P.S. did you go to the re-onion?

hapsmysis said...

1. well whatever shape your franny is in you'd been gone tooo long so I figured you must have been sitting on it!

2. yep is was one of them foreign words. It means holy. Can you handle it? No I didn't return to the crime scene.

luv ya

CruiserMel said...

Holy? Well, it's been said that Todd is Godd....but he says that's just an easy rhyme. LOL

Lindy said...

OMG you're going to have the best time EV-VER !!! Not that you don't ALWAYS have a great time but damn - that is going to be the shit! ok and how awesome for that couple that is getting married??? shit! and Awwwwwwwwwww and omg about Kasim singing a SONG for them!! To die for right? Way too cool.