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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why Can't It Always Be Like This?

Welcome everyone. I've been goofing off lately and not posting. Me = bad. I can't really blame being too busy as I have certainly found time to read my favorite blogs, but just couldn't find my "muse". I do hope everyone got everything they asked for from Santa Claus. He was pretty good to me this year. (maybe he really can't see me when I'm sleeping, or otherwise doing what I shouldn't be doing) I can hardly wait to cash-in the music gift cards I got from my friends and family. Choices, choices. You people so rock. Also, my most-prized gift came from CE and it's an original 1978 handbill for a concert by my beloved Todd Rundgren & Utopia at a club in Austin, Texas. I will be seeing Kasim (the bass player) (flutter flutter) this weekend and hope to have him autograph it, if I'm not too nauseous and giddy. (that's another story for another blog entry, so stay tuned)

Today was my first day back at the office after a nice, long break for the holiday. I was the only one there today and though it was a little lonely, it was the most productive and fun day I've had in ages. I pulled up my itunes on the computer, hit party shuffle, cranked it up and got more done in one day than I usually do in 3 or 4. The phone barely rang. No packages were delivered. It was "all about me" today. I even had time to pseudo-dance around.

Why is it that on any other regular work day, I can't seem to make any headway? I can so see the Church Lady curling her lips and saying "could it beeeeeee......Satannnnn?" right now. Nope, I just seem to do better with a soundtrack, not just the hum of computers and fax machines. There are days I turn on my tunes while working, but it's usually on very quietly, but after today, I don't know how I'll be able to accomplish anything without full, frontal "wear that chair out" rock. Hey, the boss gave me an iTunes gift card - so he can't blame me, right? He'll just have to get over it.

I'm off to New York this weekend, so won't be posting for a few days. Hopefully, I'll have some fun stories to tell you about next week. Who am I kidding? Of COURSE there will be stories. What's funnier than a Texan in New Yawk? Yee haw!

Happy 2007, y'all. Now git!


Swishy said...

I use headphones! It's a little anti-social, but sometimes much better than the Swishy-cranky alternative!

New York is SO fun! Be safe and have a great time!

Mr. Fabulous said...

No, I am pretty sure it's Satan.

Golightly said...


Have a blast in NYC!!!

Williebee said...

maybe some "Sleep - Eaze" in everybody else's lunch menu?

Have fun in 'da city!

(Cue Nick Gilder here....)

Sarah said...

I got iTunes gift certificates for my bday and Christmas, and I am losing my mind. iTunes is the greatest thing ever invented. I can't leave it. Happy New Year!

Sgt said...

Be careful up there. You know what they say about New Yorkers...

Seriously, what do they say? I'm new to the South and I'd like to get in on it.

Have Fun!

Starlet said...

you just reminded me of that old commercial for pace picante sauce. THIS STUFFS MADE IN NEW YORK CITY!

Dezdmona said...

I can soooo see you dancing around your office.

I totally agree with swishy...you gotta get some earbuds/headphones.
I can't believe you've been working without your tunes or internet radio!