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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Very Kasim-y New Year To You

Yup, that gorgeous creature above is Kasim. *pant-pant* No, it's not the redhead, ya weirdo - that would be CruiserMel. (also pictured are some of our new friends we met at Kasim's show in New York Friday night - Julie, Shelly, John and Lisa) But enough about them..... Do I look a little full of myself? That would be a hearty YUP. And I was. Still am. Uh huh. He moved my friend, Merv's purse from her chair and sat the F right down next to me. So I deserve to gloat a wittle bit. So sue me.

But anyways, I'm back from New York City and whaddya know, I'm sick.

My voice has become very Kathleen Turneresque. And when I say "esque", I really believe I'm Kathleen Turner. Maybe it's the vast amounts of Sudafed and cough syrup making me hallucinate. Oh well, it's better than hacking up a lung. I've only done that three times since 3:00 pm today. Yay Robitussin!

There are two words that always mean CruiserMel has given a vacation four stars: I'm sick. If I come home healthy and full of energy it means the trip sucked.

This trip so did not suck. It was full of all things exciting, funny, tiring, snuggly, getting lost, and nekkid (yup, I said nekkid). I don't have the energy right now to tell my tail, wait - make that T-A-L-E (sheesh, this medicine is getting FUN!), but I will be doing so in the next day or two. (How's that for a teaser?)

To my fellow bloggerpals, I wish you all a fantastic 2007. As my friend Merv said: "It's a whole lot better than that other year." (yes, she did drink an entire 750 ml of Absolut Citron all by her lonesome in the final hours of 2006......story to follow)

Get out there and make a resolution or two. Or don't. Just get out there!


williebee said...

"N-E- DOUBLE K - By God I-D!"

Yes, Mr. Grizzard, I believe she was up to something!

Man, that so beats the heck out of a closed bar at the Memphis Airport Holiday Inn.

Anonymous said...

Girls night. Soon. Dish.

Pregnant In Texas said...

Wait!! It's hard to see the color of the women's hair in that picture.

Which one of those beautiful ladies are you?

CruiserMel said...

Preg - or not so preg - to be fair, there ARE 2 redheads in the pic. Julie is first one on the top row, I'm the first one on the bottom row.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I really dig the way CruiserMel talks about herself in the third person!

Anonymous said...

She's the one lookin' smug with the slammin' highlights. I want to know where her other hand is & why Kasim has such a HUGE smile on his face....

Anonymous said...

I meant where HIS other hand is... sheesh...You have me all flustered living vicariously through you.

CruiserMel said...

You guys are terrible! And I'm not tellin.

danielle said...

i love when someone does a kathleen turner reference/impression. that's good stuff. i don't care what anyone says.

Dezdmona said...

Cheers to you too CruiserMel.

I gotta agree with kp, I wanna know where YOUR hands were.
And where did you disappear to in between sets?