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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is It So Wrong?

...to see 1/2 a bottle of wine on the counter, open the cupboard to retrieve a wine glass, figure to oneself that "yep, I'll probably finish this off tonight," and then grab a tumbler just to save time?

...to make lists of stuff to do like a.) clean carpet spots, b.) organize finances, c.) dust and then find said list a week later (okay, maybe more like 6 weeks later) and go "whatever"?

...to not even open a bank statement for four years and just pray your math skills are good enough when you carry the total down in your checkbook?

...to be looking for something and find a box in your closet that contains the crappy Christmas gifts you received a year ago and apparently decided that out of sight is truly out of mind instead of giving to the needy who might actually LIKE this crap?

...to be too lazy to go buy Kleenex so you bring a roll of TP to the den and just leave it there on the table like someone who likes Nascar? (Editor's note: uh oh, I do like Nascar.)

...to like Nascar?

...to load up one's iPod using one's computer at work because it's faster?

...to load up one's iPod right in front of your boss?

...to yell like some crackhead needing a fix at the telephone last night, because it had the AUDACITY to ring while I was trying to catch up on reading blogs, commenting on blogs, participating in a live chat, listening to an internet radio interview and watching television at the same time? For goodness sakes, people!!!!

...to lose patience with CruiserDog when he won't piddle and wants to sniff every blade of grass and so I just say "eh, just try to hold it for the next 9 hours"?

...to decide to eat more dairy products cuz "they" say people lose more weight if they include more dairy, buy 8 cartons of fat-free yogurt, eat from one, and then throw the other 7 away 2 months later?

...to zone out while our President is talking?

...to get pissed off at people who don't have a clue how to board airplanes anymore, you know the ones....who don't know to put all liquids and gels (travel sized) in a quart-sized ziploc (otherwise, yes, they'll take that family-sized bottle of Pantene from Ultra WalMart and give it to poor folks with bad hair), take off all shoes, belts, colostomy bags, metal plates, and brass knuckles and place in the bin, sending it all through the xray machine and carry only one's boarding pass and ID with one as you walk through the metal detector? Is that so much to ask? Dammit, this makes me crazy.

...to have nothing better to do than rant on a Wednesday?

Vents welcome here. Pull up a tumbler of wine. Like they said in "Steel Magnolias" or some schit like that: "If you have nothing nice to say, sit right next to me."


Just sayin' said...

Nope... Absolutely nothin' wrong, well except maybe the NASCAR thing. But hey maybe you like turning left... Over... And over... And over...

Plus I have to confess, I always drink wine from a tumbler... I thought I was the only one!

I'm just sayin'...

Mr. Fabulous said...

Someone needs a hug!

Sgt said...

I prefer to drink my wine in a large medival style chalice. It holds about 350 mL which can save me the effort of refilling too often.

Lists.. lol

I always thought the closet box with crappy gifts was for regifting?

Nascar... *shiver* No thanks

The airport thing annoys me to no end. I can accept that not everyone is a frequent flying, but the fact almost every airport has huge signs explaining every tiny little detail about boarding, and you still get the morons holding up the line. As for the metal detectors.. I just strip down to my boxer-briefs and go through. Its faster and sparks better conversations on the plane.

Williebee said...

A tumbler? You're making my Flintstones jelly jar look kinda weak, here.

But heeeyy, that Betty's looking pretty hot against that fourth glass of zinfandel....

CruiserMel said...

Just sayin', nope you're not alone. I'm sure we didn't invent this idea.

Mr. Fab - yup. *sniff*

Sgt - a chalice? Now that's style!

Williebee - Only YOU can get away with a Flintstone's jelly jar for a glass. How old is that? I swear I think I had one of those when I was like 6! Who knew it could be used for something other than milk?

mist1 said...

What would be wrong with any of this? Except for the work computer part. I am strongly opposed to going to work even if it is just to load up the iPod.

starlet said...

I drink my wine out of the bottle so a tumbler is quite classy.

Anonymous said...

When Slacker Jr is at his dad's I drink the wine right out of the bottle. That way you don't dirty a glass.

Blakken said...

Hell with the tumbler and all that, if you are by yourself just drink from the darn bottle :).

danielle said...

i think you should hit TJMaxx or Pier 1/World Market and see if you can't find a ginormous glass (any kind) and then just use that to drink, well, everything.

Johnny Virgil said...

I drink my wine right from the little nozzle on the box.

Anonymous said...

A connoisseur of boxed wine. I just knew JV was classy like that.

Steven Novak said...

Is it wrong to like NASCAR?

Oh yes...oh yes...

In fact...not only is it wrong, but I'm going to have to murder you because of it. ;)


CruiserMel said...

mist1: I'm opposed to the work computer thing, too - but the boss actually DID give me an iTunes giftcard, so he's reaping what he sewed. Touche'.

starlet, kp, and blakken - apparently you guys need to party together! Just be sure to wipe the cooties off the top with your sleeves.

danielle - you've got a good idea there. Less dishes to wash! But I assume you mean for me to rinse it out occasionally. You know, wine doesn't really go with diet coke. But that's just me.

JV - it's called a spigot. Get it right, dude. I'm finding myself oddly attracted to you now.

steven - uh, did I say I liked Nascar ALOT? I shoulda mentioned that I only like nascar cuz I look like a princess compared to most of the women-folk there and that, well that feeds my ego. And don't we all need a little ego-strokin at times? *pout* 'Scuse me, I need to go have a good cry.

Dezdmona said...

There must've been something in the air yesterday.
I almost posted a rant, but didn't have time because of Junior Mint's tutoring and Science Night, then DH (Kokomo) called & asked us to have drinks & food.

I had several & felt much better.

Probably a good thing I didn't rant on-line.
It wasn't going to be nice.

Oh, and NASCAR Rawks.
I like fast cars and the men who drive them. *wink*

CruiserMel said...

Dez - ahh, drinks and, what did you say? Food? Whatev.

And you have so busted me on the nascar thing. It IS the men who drive those suckers. I confess. But I"m still mad at Jeffie for marrying that tart. Just sayin. I've moved on now. Jimmie Johnson is my fantasy lover, nascar style.

danielle said...

yeah you're right, don't rinse it. i'll come up with ginormous disposable wine/brandy/whatever glasses.

Sornie said...

As for the wine, I would skip any sort of container entirely, stuff the bottle in a brown paper bag and get old school wino on it.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that "Nascar style lovin'" is code for doggie style, right? Cuz you can both still watch the race...

Thank you, thank you...no really...I'll be here all week.

jeremy said...

yes, it is wrong to like nascar.