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Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Hung The Moon

Good grief, I just get back from the Tundra that is Chicago and NW Indiana and it's freakin' snowing in Dallas. And did yesterday, too. When I got home tonight, CruiserDog and I were set to go outside for potty-time and he heard the snow hitting the grass, looked up at me and had a look in his eye that said "Mother, can't you do something about this? I don't really like dragging my tinkie through the cold." Dude, I wish I could help ya out with this, but Mother isn't in control of the weather, though you do think I hung the moon.

I've been feeling like I wanted to be a fly on the wall all day today. You know, I wanted to be in on all the excitement that is my job and life and stuff, but I didn't really feel like conversing. Nothing personal, just wanted to spectate and absorb. You ever feel like that?

After bribing CruiserDog outside with the promise of a piece of cheese if we have a "goooooood potty," I read through my mail and put on my slippers with the satisfaction that I don't have to talk to anyone again until tomorrow when the plumber comes to fix a couple of things.

Because it's sorta sucky outside, I decided to see what's been hanging out in the fridge that hasn't grown green fuzzy stuff on it. To my surprise, I didn't find anything green or fuzzy. Instead I found nothing at all worth reaching in for. (Add grocery shopping to my list of things to do this weekend. Check.) I guess a can of soup would be good; nourishing and warm.

I could've chosen the yummy, rich and probably fattening cream of mushroom soup that was making me salivate (and might or might not be past it's expiration date), but some invisible power led my hand to the can of minestrone. Yeah, that'll be good. And good for me, too! It was poured into the pan, given a good stir and left to it's own devices while I did a little blog-surfing. A while later, I heard it bubbling away and in my head (not aloud, remember I'm not talking...) I said "soup's on!" and poured the yummy fragrant broth, veggies and pasta into a mug. *slurp*

WTF? This is hideous flavorless crap! Back to the kitchen and what do my wandering (and now ticked off) eyes fall upon, but a can of, dare I say it, HEALTHY REQUEST SOUP. Apparently, the last time I bought soup (during yet another whacky Dallas snow), I was in a healthy effin' request mood and I now have no less than 6 cans of this slightly flavored water in my pantry.

The good news? CruiserDog had a yummy gravy on his food tonight. He now KNOWS I hung the moon.

Go have yourself a night, will ya? Talk amongst yourselves. The hunger pangs will do the talking for me tonight.


Williebee said...

I'm Soooo glad this didn't end with you eating the dog.

I'm Sooooooo sad that that is where my mind was taking this story.

Or maybe, I'm just Soooooooooo sad.


hapsmysis said...

sure am glad I'm missin out on that nasty stuff! but they are threatenin... I love it when the mr weather-know-it-alls are wrong and the weather is nice after all. We won't even discuss those perky miss weather-know-it-alls Some places I just can't go...

lostmymind said...

healthy food - yuck. At least the dog would eat it. You know you are in trouble when the dog won't touch the stuff.

Sgt said...

I'm thinking the cheese bribes will come back to haunt you on the "goood potty" requests.

mist1 said...

I could go for some gravy right now.

Steven Novak said...

I could go for a cheese bribe right about now myself. ;)


CruiserMel said...

Williebee - Aww, man, you need therapy.

Hapsmysis - You don't know the 1/2 of it in Dallas - there's not one weatherdork here that's been right for the past month. Thanks for visiting...I think I know who you are. S?

Lost - You ain't kiddin!!!

Sgt - You'd be amazed at that little poop factory, cheese or no cheese!

Mist - I've packed up the cans and they're being FedEx'd to you right now. Enjoy them in good health. I'm stickin' to the good stuff from here on in.

Steven - Are you hungry for cheese or are you just announcing you need to potty?

starlet said...

stuff that is good for you freakin sucks.