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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Typical, Just Typical

I had not bought any peanut butter in years, but something got into me a month ago when Dallas' meteorologists predicted (incorrectly) that our city would soon become the Great White North. I attacked my usual grocery store for the ingredients to make homemade soup, remember? Well, I also bought peanut butter. I'm not sure why. Does peanut butter count as comfort food? Perhaps it did. Once.

Luckily, I didn't open the jar that weekend. Or the next. But last weekend I was feeling a bit peckish (I've been waiting to use that word) and shuffled into the kitchen for one of those times where you open the fridge and just stare until you decide that nah, nothing looks good in there and so you go to the pantry and continue to stare until you just say "what the hell" and grab something. What I grabbed was that unopened plastic jar of creamy goodness and some crackers.

Apparently, it's a good thing I only ate a couple of knifefuls of the stuff.

After watching Grey's and ER tonight, I was having a pre-bedtime blogfest while the television in the next room was starting the local news. Usually, I hardly pay attention but what I heard scared the bejeebers outta me. The brand shown above, which is now dead to me by the way, has been causing salmonella poisoning. Let me repeat that: salmonella poisoning. Oh and this part is key: the offending batch is labelled with 2111 on the top.

I almost knocked over a chair to get to the pantry to check out my jar. During the 2.1 seconds it took me to get there, the logical side of my mind said "no way, you'd probably win the lottery before you'd have that special batch." Nuh unh. We have a winner folks.

I guess I can't say I never won anything.


Williebee said...

Hey! I "won" one too.
Maybe that e-mail from that guy in Nigeria is for real, after all.....

mist1 said...

Peanut butter is comfort food.

Every time a food gets recalled, I start craving it.

Lindystar said...

We got one here too. They must have sent out A LOT of that stuff.

I KNEW I should have stuck to JIFF and not bought the cheaper stuff.

CruiserMel said...

Willie - It is! Really! It's true. Send him all ya got. Better yet - send your money to me and I'll pool your's and mine and send it on.

Mist - I have to admit, when I saw that jar sitting there last night I really wanted to have a taste. I mean, I didn't get sick the first time around.....

Lindy - I think I'll go with Jiff the next time, myself. Poo poo on you, Peter Pan.

Amy said...

What is UP with all the poisoned healthy foods lately, yo?! First spinach and now peanut butter.

Maybe this is a sign that God would actually PREFER us to eat lots of chocolate and potato chips.

Also: I love the word peckish! Man, I totally forgot about that word and how much I like it until you said it here. I'm going to see if I can stick into my own conversations today.


(Also: if the salmonella didn't hit by midnite (which is when salmonella poisoning usually strikes), I bet you're one of the lucky ones) (But still: I think Peter Pan peanut butter should remain dead to you...you might as well include Jiffy in that, too. I think Smuckers might be safe, though.)

CruiserMel said...

Amy - "Peckish" really is a fun word. I say it all the time in my head (along with "fancy that".) I don't know where it came from, but I sense I'm channelling a hungry member of Britain's upper class.

Haven't tried Smuckers before, but with a name like....

Dezdmona said...

I had THREE..jars of the stuff.
Smooth, Crunchy and an unopened jar that I had taken to Mexico with me (that fortunately we didn't get around to eating while there and I didn't give away to anyone before we left).

Between Kokomo and Junior Mint we usually go through a bunch of the stuff and Peter Pan is their favorite (because we can get the "Honey" flavored).

Oh well, I took it back to Kroger and they gave me my money back.

CruiserMel said...

Dez - 3? Oh yeah, there's more than one of y'all. Kroger actually gave your money right back? I thought I'd have to write the company,etc. Cool!

Looking forward to our girls' night. Rock on!

trs said...

My jar is also a winner! Glad that I only bought one of them. But crap, I jut realized that I had given some to the poochies to get them to take their meds. But they did survive....but maybe that explains the.....oh, never mind!

Shelle said...

I'm a Skippy gal ,or else I'd probably be a winner also.
I'm sure glad your OK.