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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

But What If I'm Not Coherent Enough To See Sanjaya Ousted?

Hiya folks. It's Tuesday night and I'm looking at my elbow with a wistful, longing look. My flawless, but freckled skin will be swollen and probably black & blue this time tomorrow night.

Yup, CruiserMel is going under the knife tomorrow. And I'm a little uneasy because they said they don't plan on putting me under. Dammit. Oh, he says he's going to make me "feel funny and talk even funnier," but seriously - I have to stay alert?


I'm being punished for letting my tennis elbow go on wayyyyy too long back in 2004. Back then, I did the physical therapy route (and had a ferocious crush on my therapist - is that normal?), did two rounds of steroid shots in the joint, but eventually had some surgery to fix the problem. They must have used chopsticks to do it, because all I had to show for it was two little scars that look like cigarette burns.

Then this year, perhaps flared up by my cross-country pursuit of rock & roll and thus schlepping luggage around, I found myself back in the doctor's office for yet another steroid shot. Yeah, it worked - for a whole 10 days.

After more tests and my own griping about "but it hurts!" they realized that it wasn't the original tendonitis (tennis elbow) that was giving me fits, but a pinched nerve. They won't use the chopsticks this time - oh no, they're using ginzu knives (maybe I'm making that part up...). Either way, my pretty little elbow will be scarred for life.

See? I told you it hurt!

So - I will not eat nor drink anything after midnight tonight. Not even bourbon or Triscuits. I will roll out of bed in the A and head for the hospital where I will be poked, prodded, and hacked away at in a region of my body that has given me grief for way too long. I will be sent home with an array of pain-killers which will probably spawn a creative streak never before seen, yet I won't be able to do a thing about it.

Because, in typical CruiserMel style, I didn't ask some really important questions like: How long before I can blog again? How will this affect my "art?" What, no blogging??????

So, kiddies, I will do my very best to give you a report as soon as I can - but it might be one-handed - and thus in code. I hope y'all don't forget about me. I certainly won't forget about you! (except while I'm on pain-killers)

Please keep checking back, pweeze? I promise something by the weekend - if only the before and after photos.

Stay tuned!


Williebee said...

Know that you are in our thoughts. And that it just takes one hand to call for help!


CruiserMel said...

Yeah, if I can dial with my righty.

tfg said...

May the Percocet flow freely for you.

jeremy said...

i once did two rounds of steroid shots in the joint.

didn't make it any bigger, though...

Lindystar said...

I'm on the WTF??? boat about keeping you awake. Shheeesh.

Oh well I would be just as afraid to be put to sleep.

Ok!!! I can tell I'm doing a great job on the whole comforting you front so I'll just quit now.

But I do have to say you are so silly for asking (begging) us to keep coming back to check up on you.

Crazy cruiser of course we'll be back, we like to laugh at you.

You know cuz you like to laugh at us too. :)

RockDog said...

I wish you well!

Just Sayin' said...

OK... Remember you promised before and after pics!

Oh and remember "Dilaudid" ask for it by name... You'll thank me later!

Sgt said...

Break a leg...

wait no..

Good luck..

no.. that's not it...

Get well soon!

There we go. I was never good with pleasantries and well wishing.

mist1 said...

Oh, I just adore anesthesia. I always wake up and ask if they've cut me yet.

ThatGirl7278 said...

I hope everything went well. :)

Best part of surgery - milking the sympathy afterwards. Good stuff.

ThatGirl7278 said...

I hope everything went well. :)

Best part of surgery - milking the sympathy afterwards. Good stuff.

Tug said...

How did I miss this yesterday?? DAMMIT. Hope all went well, as I'm sure it did - can't wait to hear how you're doing! You KNOW we'll be here. ;-)

Dezdmona said...

Been thinking about ya sweetie...

Isn't amazing how dependent we are on that which we don't have?

As long as the surgery was a success, then it'll all be worthwhile.

Hope you can post some of your creative drug induced thoughts!

CruiserMel said...

you guys are fantastic - thanks for all the well-wishes. i'll be able to type better in a day or two. hugs all around!

Carly said...

I missed it, but glad you're apparently better!

PS: Quit washing the meds down with burbon.