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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Old Girl Shoots and Scores

I told you something wacky would happen to CruiserMel. Actually, wacky things happen all the time; it's just the state of mind and point of view that make things appear funny, strange, entertaining, or any of a myriad of adjectives, some of which constitute a mention in this here blog. And apparently my point of view changed during that little thing called R.E.M. sleep Tuesday night. For the better.

It was a beautiful day in Dallas, Wednesday. Birds were singing, the sky was blue, there was a slight breeze and CruiserMel woke up with a renewed sense of well being and purpose.

I was left alone most of the day at work, which surprisingly did not lead me to surf blogs, but rather to actually get some work done. I KNOW!

All was well at the orifice, um 'scuse me, that was supposed to say office, until the 20-yr old son of a coworker came in to do some filing and other sundry chores that we're too lazy to do. Don't get me wrong, this guy is a life-saver who helped me with some important input on the computer a day after I'd returned from surgery. His nimble fingers were just what I needed, since mine were still on Vicodin.
But Wednesday was different. He was still the polite and funny young guy who loves to talk to me about all things music. I always enjoy seeing D.
That is until he saw a picture on my computer of a band and asked who it was. I said it was The Cars. And then I knew what was coming next would either be: 1. Who? 2. Is that Ric Ocasek? Being a cool guy, D did indeed know his 80's music and asked "Is that Ric Ocasek?" I really didn't have time to get into it with him but I heard myself going off on a brief diatribe of "No, that's Todd Rundgren fronting them now, since Ric doesn't tour." (honest, I left it at that one sentence when, if I'd had an adult beverage for lunch I normally would've gone into a 10 minute monologue about the virtues of Mr. Rundgren, but I said my one sentence and left it at there.)
But oh no. D followed me into the file room and started spouting "What's the point?" "I mean, why do these old guys...."
Like the girl in "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" I reeled around as if to say "STOP RIGHT THERE."
I admit, I did have to lower my reading specs (uh-huh - what of it?) to say "Look - love ya babe, but don't EVER say anything negative about a man who I call Todd the God." I may have even shaken my finger at him. I don't remember. Apparently I forgot to take my Aricept today.
What happened next was priceless. D turned on his sneakered heels, mumbled something about "I guess I could be wrong..."
Score: CruiserMel - one. D - zero. Touche'.
*I have no idea why blogger decided to put paragraph breaks wherever and whenever they wanted to in this post. grrrrr.*


Tug said...

damn young'uns.



Tug said...

But YAY for YOU!!!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I am thankful the hubby fixes all my computer junk

Golightly said...

You go girl - teach the young ones a lesson. And I love love the picture :)

CruiserMel said...

Tug - I doubt I've ever felt so old in my life after that, though. But thanks for the sentiment.

Random - Do you think he could come hook up my new DVD recorder?

Golightly - For the record - I don't even know why old ladies wear red hats and purple clothes. So - thankfully, I'm not old - yet.

Lindystar said...

For some reason I doubt that they are an AIDS awareness group.

I don't know, I just get that feeling.

Thank God it wasn't me in his sneakers, I would have just thought you were being funny and laughed at you. When you get for real old and have to carry a cane some people betta be watchin out.

Cuz damn.

Dezdmona said...

Boys are stupid...
Throw coconuts at them.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Yes! Defend our Baby Boomer honor!

Williebee said...

Behind every group of Red Hats? There's a group of old guys on a bench waiting to be told where they're going next.

It's so sad. But it was nice of them to share the bench with me...

Sassy Blondie said...

Todd the God.


Circe said...

LOVE Todd! And loved "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights". Yeah Meatloaf!

ThatGirl7278 said...

pssst hey... where you at?