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Friday, July 27, 2007

The Spankbank Caper

So, S & I are having lunch the other day at one of those brewery places that makes terrible beer but has terrific food and an even more terrific patio and cute boys to look at.

Usually S likes to cuss and discuss matters of a political nature, but that day was different apparently, so it was refreshing when we started talking about the current storyline on Denis Leary's "Rescue Me." We love Denis Leary, in a "oooh, I'd like a little of that bad boy" way. Combine that with carrying a fire hose and it's the stuff that dreams are made of.

Anyhoooo, we started talking about an episode or two ago when the guys of the firehouse were discussing who was in their spankbank and if you don't know what spankbank means, you really need to go on vacation or have a cocktail or two. I assume you can figure it out, my little pervs, um readers.

Natch, this led to me sharing that I'd bought myself a prezzie for my birthday. (Side note: I apparently wasn't "the only living female to not have one" before then, by the way!) Her eyes widened and she calmly asked me who was in my spankbank.

You must understand that S & I do not have these kind of convos. Nun-unh. I've tried before but she's a private person and apparently, I like to step on her toes figuratively at times, so I usually back it down a notch and save that stuff for Merv.

I was in mid-bite of my salad with light lemon caper vinaigrette dressing and started to laugh uncomfortably. I swear a caper moved up into my right sinus cavity from the pressure.* I can still smell vinegar now, two days later.

It was difficult to compose myself, but I managed to name off a few boys that came to mind. (hee, I said came) And S & I became closer friends that day as we found we've got at least one or two guys in common, spankbank-wise. Apparently, we both have John Mayer in the top 10. I think we also found out Mr. Leary is in there, too. Who says friends can't find things in common even after knowing each other all these years?

Anyway - so today, I was taking a little break from work and thinking about what to blog about and this spankbank topic came (heh, there I go again) up in my brain and it made me realize that spankbank is really a term for guys. So what would the female equivalent be? Dream Desk? Fantasy File? Vibra Vault?

Whatever it's called - anyone want to name names right 'cheer in this here blog? Who is in your spankbank/vibravault? Awwwww, come one, come all! (there I go again.....)

*Get the title of this post now? Hee. Caper. Get it? I crack me up sometimes.


Sassy Blondie said...

Ok Cruiser...now you're speakin' my language sister!

Top 10 in no certain order:
1. Cole Hauser (he's super sexy ladies!)
2. Tom Selleck (Magnum is still sooo hot!)
3. Michael Vartan (he may be #1)
4. Matthew Fox (God, I love LOST)
5. Dr. McSteamy (I think his first name is Eric, but I really don't care)
6. Tim McGraw (I love his mouth)
7. Denis Leary (How did you know?)
8. Julian McMahon (that man steams he's so hot)
9. Gary Sinise (I know it's not common, but I met him and he's dreamy)
10. That one cop from Dallas SWAT that just came back (I drive around hoping for him to arrest me)

Tug said...

A few years ago, my boyfriend at the time told me the 'spanky' behind the counter at the mini mart was ogling me. I've found spankies ever since... When my friend from Phoenix was in town we went out partying & found a spanky celebrating his 21st birthday. I got behind him, she got in front of him, and we formed a spanky sandwich & dirty danced. He later asked for seconds, & told us we MADE his birthday!

I'll be back with my top 10.....

Tug said...

Hi, I'm back! Didja' miss me? ;-)
No particular order...
1. Michael Vartan
2. Ray Liotta (the EYES)
3. Johnny Depp
4. John Cusak
5. Jon Bon Jovi (I guess I need a 'John??)
6, Ryan Reynolds
7. Scott Peterson (Gilmore Girls)
8. James Denton (Desparate Housewives)
9. Canoe! (Keanu Reeves)
10. Jaqueline (Joaquin Phoenix) (again, the EYES)

So if you can figure out the connecting factor here, please let me know so I can find my true love. ;-)

tfg said...

My spankbank consists solely of Alice from the Brady Bunch.

RockDog said...

The girl at Dunkin Donuts...who can pass up the thought of good coffee, tasty baked goods, and boobs. It's a perfect trifecta!

ThatGirl7278 said...

Oddly, I don't have a list. I usually just imagine him faceless. Eh. Whatcha gonna do!? As for the whole present to yourself... I did the SAME thing. Only when I turned 25. Is it weird I haven't bought a new one since?

CruiserMel said...

Sassy B - oooo, I might need to add Gary Sinise to my own list. That's a tasty morsel.

Tug - I'm so glad you explained the Scott Peterson reference. I was thinking of that murderer. But come to think of it, he was pretty darn cute, too. Hey, no need for a connecting factor - variety, baby! Ooo, I just noticed Jon Bon Jovi on your list. Nummy nummy. *adding to my list* Geez, I need to get busy.

tfg - You like to live on the edge, don't you?

Rockdog - It's the "holes" at the donut shop, isn't it? Eeeeewww, I just grossed myself out.

Thatgirl - I don't know if it's weird - does one get tired of their special friend and have to get a divorce and upgrade?

Anonymous said...

I love this!

1. George Clooney
2. David De Rothschild (sexy environmentalist with an accent)
3. Matt Damon
4. Marky Mark
5. Johnny Depp
6. Aaron Eckhart
7. Pacey on Dawson's Creek (the character, not the actor)
8. Mathew McCoughey (can anyone spell that correctly, he has to take my name if we marry)
9. John Mayer (you are SOOO right)
10. Taye Diggs


CruiserMel said...

Steph - I like your list. Not sure who 2 or 7, so I'll have to google them. Oh and thanks for stopping by. Come on back any ole time.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

OMG Vibravault is freaking hilarious!! I am SO jealous!!
OK - to the point. In no particular order:

1. Josh Hartnett
2. J. Depp
3. Vince Vaughn
4. Owen Wilson
5. Matt Damon
6. Mat McCauughey
7. Justin Chambers (Alex from Grey's)
8. Skeet Ulrich
9. Ethan Embry
10. Dominic Monaghan

Sassy Blondie said...

OMG ladies, I totally have to add Vince Vaughn, John Cusack, and Luke Wilson. Crap! My list is getting longer...maybe it's because I'm laid up and can't partake in any real "activity?"

CruiserMel said...

Lindy: Skeet Ulrich! Oh my, how could I leave him out???? And Alex from GA? I should be shot!

Sassy B - Hee hee, you said "laid".

Circe said...

Excellent topic, CM! I may need to get back with you on this one. I love Jon Stewart so I know he's in it but there are others..... ;)

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Cruiser you slick hor you didn't list 10 of your own. Get on it beotch. ;)

CruiserMel said...

Lindy - Heh. You know what? You're right. *snicker*

Okay - here goes - and in no particular order.

Denis Leary - dirty bad boy
Skeet Ulrich - dirty bad boy lite
John Mayer - thinking smart boy
Kasim - ok, maybe this is #1
Hugh Jackman - handsome prince boy
Taylor Hanson - he's legal now boy
Adam Levine - sexy, serious boy
Justin Chambers - conflicted boy
John Taylor - brooding boy
Unnamed ex-boy

There's also those nameless, faceless ones...usually a combination of several of the above + others.

So I have an active imagination. Sue me.

Sassy Blondie said...

Hey Cruiser-I met Adam Levine, and he's got some seriously intense eyes. Plus, he was a seriously polite guy and kissed me on the cheek when we met. I love that!

CruiserMel said...

Sassy B - I've just got to hear this story now. He's so intense. Yumm.

Bev said...

Ok, this may be vulgar, but how about rather than vibravault, it be called "clit hit list"? Too much?

CruiserMel said...

I was just coming in here to add one more name to my list -

Billie Joe Armstrong - punk boy

and I see Bev's comment and I swear, I think I just burst a blood vessel from laughing!!!! Bev, you bad thing, you.

puerileuwaite said...

My SpankBank threatened to close my account for bouncing too many Czechs.

So to increase my balance, I've had to make deposits on behalf of these people:


Lída Baarová
Jiří Bartoška
Vlasta Burian
Jiří Grossmann
Miroslav Horníček
Rudolf Hrušínský
Zorka Janů
Petr Kostka
Vladimír Menšík
David Nykl
Anny Ondra (Anna Ondráková)
Karel Roden
Jan Tříska
Tatiana Vilhelmová
Eduard Vojan
Jiří Voskovec
Jan Werich
Stella Zázvorková


Jan Santini Aichel
Jakub Bursa
Josef Chochol
Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer
Alois Dryák
Josef Gočár
František Maxmilián Kaňka
Jan Kaplický
Jan Kotěra
Jakub Krčín
Jaromír Krejcar
Josef Mocker
Štěpánek Netolický
Josef Niklas
Milada Petříková-Pavlíková

Authors and Poets

Jindřich Šimon Baar
Jan Blahoslav
Karel Havlíček Borovský
Arthur Breisky
Otokar Březina
Karel Čapek
Svatopluk Čech
František Čelakovský
Jakub Deml
Ivan Diviš
František Doucha
Karel Jaromír Erben
Jaroslav Foglar
Ladislav Fuks
Jiří Grossmann
Jiří Kulhánek
Jaroslav Hašek
Vladimír Holan
Miroslav Holub
Bohumil Hrabal
František Hrubín
Miroslav Ivanov
Boleslav Jablonský
Josef Jedlička
Milena Jesenská
Alois Jirásek
Franz Kafka
Václav Kaplický
Jan Karafiát, best known for Fireflies (Broučci)
Václav Kliment Klicpera
Oskar Kokoschka
Jan Křesadlo
Milan Kundera
Bohuslav z Lobkovic
Karel Hynek Mácha
Jiří Mahen
Bohumil Mathesius
Rudolf Medek
Ondřej Neff
Vladimír Neff
Božena Němcová
Jan Neruda
Ferdinand Peroutka
Eduard Petiška
Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová
Bohuslav Reynek
John of Rokycan (Jan Rokycana)
Jan Skácel
Jaroslav Seifert
Zdeněk Svěrák
Josef Škvorecký
Karel Teige
Jáchym Topol
Jan Matzal Troska
Svatopluk Turek
Josef Váchal
Vladislav Vančura
Michal Viewegh
Alena Vostrá
Jan Werich
Zikmund Winter
Jiří Wolker
Jan Zábrana
Jan Zahradníček
Vojtech Zamarovský


Jiří Benda
Karel Bendl
Vilém Blodek
Pavel Borkovec
František Xaver Brixi
Bohuslav Černohorský
Alexander Dreyschock
Jan Ladislav Dusík
Antonín Dvořák
Josef Fiala
Zdeněk Fibich
Josef Bohuslav Foerster
Julius Fučík
Jiří Grossmann
Alois Hába
Jan Hammer
Kryštof Harant z Polžic a Bezdružic
Vladimír Hirsch
Roman Holý
Ilja Hurník
Leoš Janáček
Otakar Jeremiáš
Jaroslav Ježek
Karel Boleslav Jirák
Rudolf Karel
Petr Kotík
Jan Antonín Koželuh
Hans Krása
Ladislav Kubík
Jan Kubelík
Rafael Kubelík
Ernst Krenek
Jan Křtitel Krumpholz[citation needed]
Karel Kryl
Bohuslav Martinů
František Míča
Adam Václav Michna z Otradovic
Ludwig Minkus
Josef Mysliveček
Oskar Nedbal
Jaromír Nohavica
Jan Novák
Vítězslav Novák
Emil Reznicek
Jan Jakub Ryba
František Škroup
Bedřich Smetana
Johann Stamitz
Karel Stamitz
Josef Suk
Vilém Tauský
Dalibor Cyril Vačkář
Johann Baptist Vanhal (Jan Křtitel Vaňhal)
Jaromír Vejvoda
Jan Vencálek
Jan Václav Voříšek
Pavel Vranický (also known as Paul Wranitzky)
Ladislav Vycpálek
Jan Zach
Otakar Zich
Jan Dismas Zelenka

Other Musicians

Gabriela Beňačková, opera singer
Ema Destinnová, opera singer
Karel Gott, singer
Maria Jeritza, opera singer
Jiří Jirmal, guitarist
Tomas Kalnoky, singer, guitarist and composer
Olga Drahozal, pianist/accordianist/singer
Karel Kovařovic, conductor
Magdalena Kožená, singer
Antonín Kraft, cellist
Jan Kubelík, violinist
Daniel Landa, guitarist
Aneta Langerová, singer
Ferdinand Laub, violinist
Jan Antonín Losy, famous lute player
Ivan Moravec, pianist
Eduard Nápravník, conductor
Jarmila Novotná, opera singer
Josef Páleníček, pianist
Libor Pešek, conductor
Otakar Ševčík, violinist
Leo Slezak, opera singer
Karel Strakatý, singer
Vaclav Talich, conductor
Vilém Tauský, conductor
Štěpán Rak, guitarist
Zuzana Růžičková, harpsichordist
Antonín Vranický (also known as Anton Wrani(t)zky), violinist
Hana Zagorová, singer


Věra Chytilová, film director
Miloš Forman, film director
Jaromil Jireš, film director
Oldřich Lipský, film director, screenwriter
Jiří Menzel, film director, actor
Zdeněk Miler, film director
Ivan Passer, film director
Jan Pinkava, animator, film director
Břetislav Pojar, film director
Alfréd Radok, film and theatre director
Emil Radok, film director
Karel Reisz, film director
Bohdan Sláma, film director
Ladislav Smoljak, film director
Jan Švankmajer, film director, animator
Jan Svěrák, film director, actor
Jiří Trnka, film director, animator
Hermína Týrlová, stage designer, cartoonist
Otakar Vávra, film director
František Vláčil, film director
Karel Zeman, film director, animator

Military Types

Alois Eliáš, army officer
Josef František, pilot ace
Radola Gajda, army officer
Karel Kuttelwascher, general
František Moravec, military intelligence officer
František Peřina, pilot
Prokop the Great, Hussite leader
Joseph Radetzky von Radetz, field marshal
Ludvík Svoboda, general, president
Jan Syrový, general, prime minister
Albrecht von Wallenstein, warlord during Thirty-Years War
Jan Žižka, Hussite leader


Daniela Peštová (1970)
Eva Herzigová (1973)
Karolína Kurková (1984)
Petra Kvapilova (1984)
Petra Němcová (1979)
Pavlína Pořízková (1965)
Hana Soukupová (1985)
Ivana Trump (1949)
Veronika Vařeková (1977)


Mikoláš Aleš
Petr Brandl
Václav Brožík
Ota Bubeníček
Zdeněk Burian
Josef Čapek
Antonin Chittussi
Alén Diviš
Emil Filla
Karel Havlíček
Václav Hollar
Stanislav Holý
Jan Jakub Quirin Jahn
Josef Lada
František Kaván
Karel Klíč
Jiří Kolář
Jan Konůpek
Ludvík Kuba
Otakar Kubín
Jan Kupecký
František Kupka
Julius Edvard Marak
Josef Mánes
Alfons Mucha
Josef Navrátil
Emil Orlik
František Jakub Prokyš
Václav Vavřinec Reiner
Teodor Rotrekl
Karel Škréta
Antonín Slavíček
Václav Špála
Karel Štěch
Eva Švankmajerová
Toyen (Marie Čermínová)
Vladimír Vašíček
Helena Zmatlíková
Jan Zrzavý


Václav Bělohradský (1944)
Arnošt Bláha (1879 – 1960), sociologist
Egon Bondy (1930 – 2007)
Ladislav Klíma (1878 – 1928)
Vilém Flusser (1920 – 1991)
František Klácel (1808 – 1882)
Jan Patočka (1907 – 1977)
Radovan Richta (1924 – 1983)


František Drtikol
Jaromír Funke
Josef Koudelka
Frank Plicka
Jan Saudek
Alexander Seik
Ladislav Sitenský
Josef Sudek


Edvard Beneš, president
Jan Bervida, Minister of Czechoslovakian Civilian Airways
Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor
Klement Gottwald, first communist president
Emil Hácha, president during the German occupation
Václav Havel, first president after the fall of communism, first president of the independent Czech Republic
Konrad Henlein, German autonomist, Nazi leader
Gustáv Husák, last communist president
Václav Klaus, prime minister and current president of the Czech Republic
Otto Jelinek, former Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister.
Jan Masaryk, foreign minister
Tomáš G. Masaryk, first president of Czechoslovakia
Mikuláš of Hus, politician, Hussite
Emanuel Moravec, collaborator with Nazis
Antonín Novotný, communist president
Přemysl Otakar II, King of Bohemia and most powerful man in middle Europe in his era.
Rudolf II, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor
Ludvík Svoboda, communist president
Wenceslas I, Duke of Bohemia (Saint Wenceslas, Václav), known as "Good King Wenceslas" in a Christmas carol
Antonín Zápotocký, communist president
Madeleine Albright, 64th United States Secretary of State

Religious Types

Saint Agnes of Bohemia, aka Anežka Česká
Petr Chelčický, thinker, religious reformer
Jan Hus, religious thinker and reformer
Saint John Sarkander, priest tortured to death in Olomouc
Saint John of Nepomuk, known through the central Europe
Saint John Neumann (John Nepomucene Neumann)


Franta Bělský
Břetislav Benda
František Bílek
Matthias Bernard Braun
Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokoff
Jan Brokoff
Michael Joseph Brokoff
Alfréd Hrdlička
Bohumil Kafka
Vincenc Makovský
Josef Václav Myslbek
Zoja Trofimiuk
Lea Vivot
Ladislav Zívr
Olbram Zoubek


Karel Absolon, archaeologist, speleologist
Josef Augusta, paleontologist, science popularizer
Jiří Baborovský, chemist
Jindřich Bačkovský, physicist
František Běhounek, radiologist, writer, explorer
Jan Berwid-Buquoy, political scientist
Vincent Bochdalek, anatomist
Johann Böhm, chemist
Bernard Bolzano, philosopher, mathematician, and theologian
Otakar Borůvka, mathematician
Josef Božek engineer
Václav Cílek, geologist, science popularizer
Jan Amos Comenius, polyhistorian, educator, inventor of illustrated textbook
Eduard Čech, mathematician
František Čelakovský, linguist and writer
Leander Czerny, biologist
Václav Prokop Diviš, inventor of the lightning rod
Josef Dobrovský, philologist and historian
Karel Fortyn, physician
František Josef Gerstner, physicist, engineer
Zaboj Harvalik, physicist
Jan Hajek, scientist
Jaroslav Hájek, mathematician
Tadeáš Hájek, physician, astronomer
Jaroslav Heyrovský, scientist, Nobel Prize
Václav Hlavatý, mathematician
Ivan Honl, biologist
Bedřich Hrozný, linguist
Jakub Husnik, inventor and painter
Jan Janský, discoverer of blood types
Karl Guthe Jansky, engineer
Vojtěch Jarník, mathematician
Konstantin Jireček, historian
Otto Jirovec, parasitologist and protozoologist
Vlasta Kálalová, physician, entomologist
Karel Kavina, botanist
Oskar Krejčí, political scientist
František Křižík, inventor arc lamp
Luboš Kohoutek, astronomer
František Koláček, physicist
Bohumil Kučera, physicist
Jaroslav Kurzweil, mathematician
Václav Láska, geophysicist, mathematician
Mathias Lerch, mathematician
Drahoslav Lím, chemist, inventor hydrogel
Frank Malina, aeronautical engineer
Ernst Mach, physicist
Jan Marek Marci, physician
Gregor Mendel, pioneer of genetics
Antonín Mrkos, astronomer
František Palacký, historian
František Patočka, biologist
Karel Petr, mathematician
Josef Ladislav Píč, archaeologist
George Placzek, physicist
Julius Pokorny, etymologist
Křišťan of Prachatice, Medieval astronomer and physician
Petr Pravec, astronomer
Jan Svatopluk Presl, chemist
Karel Presl, botanist
Jiří Procháska, physiologist
Stanislav Prowazek, zoologist, parasitologist
Vlastimil Pták, mathematician
Jan Evangelista Purkyně, physiologist, first recognised the individuality of fingerprints
Josef Ludvík František Ressel, inventor of the ship's propeller
Karel Rokytanský, anatomist
Karel Rychlík, mathematician
Vojtěch Šafařík, chemists
Jaroslav Šafránek, physicist
Bohumil Sekla, biologist
August Seydler, physicist, astronomer
Jan Šindel, astronomer
Josef Škoda, physician
Ivan Šolc, inventor
Ferdinand Stoliczka, paleontologist
Vincenc Strouhal, physicist
František Josef Studnička, mathematician
Olga Taussky-Todd, mathematician
Jana Tichá, astronomer
Miloš Tichý, astronomer
Viktor Trkal, physicist, mathematician
Ota Šik, economist
Miloslav Valouch, mathematician
Petr Vopěnka, mathematician
Jindřich Wankel, paleontologist
Otto Wichterle, chemist, inventor of the modern contact lens
Karel Zahradnik, mathematician
Rudolf Zahradník, chemist
František Záviška, physicist
John Zeleny, physicist, inventor electroscope
Vladimír Zoubek, geologist
Petr Zuman, electrochemist

Linguistics, Anthropology, History

Bořivoj Čelovský, historian
Max Dvořák, art historian
Eva Hajičová, linguist
Aleš Hrdlička, medical doctor, anthropolog
Bedřich Hrozný, philologist and orientalist (decipherer of Hittite)
Josef Jireček
Henry Kucera, linguist, cognitive scientist, language software author
Bohumil Mathesius, translator
Vilém Mathesius, linguist
Jan Mukařovský, literary theorist
Alois Musil, orientalist, explorer
Antonín Rezek, historian
František Roubík, historian
August Sedláček, historian
Petr Sgall, linguist
Vladimír Skalička, linguist (founder of linguistic typology)
Josef Vachek, linguist
Čeněk Zíbrt, ethnographer, historian

Sports Personalities

Milan Baroš, footballer
Tomáš Berdych, tennis player
Patrik Berger, footballer
Radek Bonk, ice hockey player
Věra Čáslavská, gymnast, Olympic gold medalist
Petr Čech, footballer
Roman Čechmánek, ice hockey player
Jaroslav Drobný, tennis player
Oldřich Duras, chess player
Patrik Eliáš, ice hockey player
Vašek Klouda, footbag player
Tomáš Enge, Grand prix race car driver
Salo Flohr, chess player
Dominik Hašek, ice hockey player
Bobby Holik, ice hockey player
Vlastimil Hort, chess player
Kent Hrbek, baseball player
Jaromír Jágr, ice hockey player
Eliška Junková, Formula One driver
Tomáš Kaberle, ice hockey player
Jan Koller, footballer
Petr Korda, tennis player
Jan Koželuh, tennis player
Karel Koželuh, tennis player
Ivan Lendl, tennis player
Marek Malík, ice hockey player
Hana Mandlíková, tennis player
Věra Menčíková, first Women’s World Chess Champion
Milan Michálek, ice hockey player
David Navara, chess player
Martina Navrátilová, tennis player
Pavel Nedvěd, footballer
Petr Nedvěd, ice hockey player
Kateřina Neumannová, cross-country skiing
Petr Novický, basketball player
Jana Novotná, tennis player
Luděk Pachman, chess player
Petr Průcha, ice hockey player
Richard Réti, chess player
Tomáš Rosický, footballer
Martina Sáblíková, speed skater
Wilhelm Steinitz, first World Chess Champion
Roman Šebrle, decathlete, Olympic gold medalist
Vladimír Šmicer, footballer
Patrik Štefan, ice hockey player
Helena Suková, tennis player
Petr Sýkora, ice hockey player
Nicole Vaidišová, tennis player
Aleš Valenta, freestyle skiing, Olympic gold medalist
Kamila Vodichkova, basketball player
Šárka Záhrobská, alpine skier
Emil Zátopek, runner, Olympic gold medalist
Jan Železný, javelin thrower, Olympic gold medalist


Tomáš Baťa, industrialist (Bata Shoes)
Ignác Šechtl, pioneer of photography (Šechtl and Voseček)
Emil Škoda, industrialist (Škoda Works)

Other notable Czechs

Karel Barvitius, book and music publisher
Jiří Buquoy, famous aristocrat
Giacomo Casanova, spent his last years as a librarian in Duchcov Castle
Josef Florian, book publisher
Victor Lustig, con artist
Jaroslav Malina, theatre sceneographer
Jan Opletal, student shot by Germans
Jan Palach, student, political activist, suicide
John Cerny, teacher, programmer
Přemek Podlaha, TV personality
Vladimír Remek, cosmonaut
Bertha von Suttner, Nobel laureate
Jan Zajic, student, political activist, suicide
Pavel Novotny, adult film star

And I don't even want to dicuss the ATM fees!

CruiserMel said...

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Pugman wins for having the longest.....er, comment.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Cruiser -OOoooo yeah, def Billy Joe Mmmmmmmm

What no Todd the God?????

CruiserMel said...

Lindy - Nope, I don't think of T the G that way. Besides, I'd probably throw up right there. :)

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser-You crack me up! I totally didn't tie in the "laid" comment! LOL

Adam Levine...wow. That's the story. Just wow...

But Michael Vartan is still probably my #1. That man is some serious hotness.

honeykbee said...

If Dennis Leary (whatever, Tom Gavin) dropped that baby then he's SO out of my Spbank.

John from Grand Haven, MI said...

finally, a decent topic in the world of blogs!

rescue me is the best show on TV.

Anonymous said...

never heard of a spank bank until that episode. I TOLD my parents I wanted a brother. I have to learn everything via t.v. because they wouldn't comply.

leary...love to leer at him.