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Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Girls' Night With Merv

Indeed, it was a girls' night of epic proportions, just Merv & me. Usually when Merv comes to visit we can get a few more girls to join in, but being that it was a Thursday, well, it was just us.

There was plenty of TexMex snackies and the adult beverages were plentiful.

There was giggling and talk of boys and sex.

There was music and more talk of boys and sex.

There was the occasional quiet moment of reflection on life's woes.

Then there was more giggling, music and talk of boys and sex.

Then the telephone rang while we were in mid-hysterical laughter, still dipping tostadas in the queso and munching on a veggie tray. It was Boy Toy J.

Me: "Why are you calling so late?"

BTJ: "Late? What are you talking about? It's early."

Me: "It is? God, it feel like it's the middle of the night."

BTJ: "No, it's 8:00 in the morning!"

Yeah, baby! We're still rollin' like 20-somethings and living to tell about it, too.

My garbage disposal is another story. Someone needs to clear up how an earring, a sponge and a business card ended up in there.


Sgt said...

If I explain the position, can I have my business card back?

Sassy One said...

If I make it past 8pm these days, I'm a happy camper!

Sounds like it was lots of fun though!!

Lindystar said...

I am SO not that cool. For really real? 8a.m.?

Isn't it cool how chicks can talk about boys and sex and laugh about them for THAT long of a stretch of time? It's like giving guys unlimited beer and car talk. We have boys and sex they have cars. And cars. (ok and who they want to DO in hollywood)

CruiserMel said...

Sgt - Bwwwwahhhhhaaaaaahaaaa! It took me a second or two to figure out what you meant. Apparently, I really did do damage to the 4 remaining brain cells I had.

Sassy One - you've got an excuse. for now.

Lindy - I know!!!! And I don't think we gals ever outgrow that ability! I think we (my group of friends) talk about it more now than when we were younger.

RockDog said...

That's awesome! My minds is running wild thinking of what might have happened near the garbage disposal! LOL!

Swishy said...

Sex and snacks sounds good to me!

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser-Bravo! All night snacking, booze, sex talk, and unexplained happenings near the disposal. Sounds like quite a night. My question is this: Did you wait and blog it after the mandatory 2-day recovery period? ;o)

I would have much rather been doing all of that than traipsing around Six Flags. Damn I'm old! My feet are killing me 2 days later...maybe it's because I'm running again too? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

You actually were with friends and alcoholic beverages for that long, and you never once left the house?

I can't make it past 2 AM without coming up with brilliant ideas.

CruiserMel said...

Rockdog - I still don't have an explanation for the garbage disposal. There's a reason why this post was so short - it's called a blackout.

Swishy - Doesn't everything go with queso?

Sassy B - Well, heckfire! You could've run over here and partied with us and we wouldn't have remembered it. And maybe those tootsies wouldn't hurt so badly.

Alan - Girls and talking can take the mind off trying to drive anywhere. I think it's safe to say we stayed right here. But you're always invited to drop by if you get one of those brilliant ideas.