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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Man, I Had Good Taste Back Then!

Last night I was looking for something to watch on television and having very little success. I decided to see what was lurking on the DVR for a change. I found a couple of episodes of "Classic Albums" hiding on there.

Have you ever watched it on VH-1 Classic? I am a sucker for that show. If you've never seen it before and you are a music lover, it is simply the coolest behind-the-scenes shit. Ever.

The basic premise is that they take a "classic" album (I'm not sure who picks, but they do pick some goodies most of the time) and they get the original talent and producer(s), usually in a studio somewhere. They pick apart down to the very last detail each song from that album and discuss why they did it this way or that way and basically give you a peek into the creative process.

Music ain't easy, people. There's a hell of alot of work and tedious detail that goes into that song you're listening to on the iPod, honey.

Last night's selection (seeing as how I was needing to quiet down and hopefully get sleepy) was Steely Dan's "Aja" album.

I was a Steely Dan fan back in the day but I haven't heard a note of their jazzy goodness in at least 15 years. I ate this stuff up like it was sweet chocolate mousse at "that" time of the month! Luscious and dreamy and sophisticated - all those things I aspire to be in my dreams.

Either way, I woke up this morning with a mission. Must. Find. Steely Dan. CDs. Today.

I listened allllllll day at the office, added some choice tunes to my iPod, and have been in one of those groovy moods ever since. On my way home, I was listening at full volume in the CruiserCar and glancing in the rear view mirror, I couldn't recognize what kind of car was behind me from the shaking of said mirror. (So I like my music a little loud. Evs.)

If you haven't given Steely Dan a listen in awhile, give 'em a whirl. Very good stuff. True artists. Nice. Click on the little radio bar to your right for a sample. (I think you need to click twice.)



Sassy Blondie said...

Hey Cruiser-Steely Dan? Really? Only the old stuff though...

CruiserMel said...

Sassy - I was talking about the old stuff. Do they have new stuff? Mmmmmm, I dunno if I'd like that. Mostly, Steely Dan brings back memories, I suppose.

Lindystar the HOR blogger said...

Your mirror was shaking? I thought that only happend in Ghetto cars that are playing bass tracks.

You're funny but you're gonna go deaf Cruise. ;)