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Monday, July 09, 2007

Metallic Birthday for BTJ

Hiya! Yes, I'm totally detoxed from Thursday's girls' night. Unfortunately, I'm afraid I may have re-tox'd myself on Saturday night, but that wasn't the question, was it?

Saturday night was celebration night for Boy Toy J's birthday. For the next eight days, our ages aren't so far apart. (Though CruiserMel's birth certificate says she'll turn another year older on the 17th, she will continue to lie her ass off to any stranger that asks her real age, as long as possible, but that wasn't the question, was it?)

I asked Boy Toy J what he wanted to do for his bday several weeks ago. I expected to hear something about a home-cooked dinner, perhaps a big juicy steak dinner "out," or "only you, my dear....."

But what I didn't know was that BTJ was completely jazzed-up for a night of hard rock tribute bands at a place called O'Riley's, here in Dallas. Hey, I figured it might actually cost less than dinner at some fancy restaurant (which I hope to collect for my birthday), and as long as there's enough alcohol to occupy me, I could deal with one night in rock and roll hell.

He got to my house all excited and exuberant; I mean, he'd waited for this for what probably felt like forever to him.

He smiled and said "you like my hair?"

I swear, it looked the same it always does......1/4" long pretty much everywhere. "Yeah...."

"It looks different doesn't it?"

I cocked my head, squinted and searched for the right words. "You got it cut?"

He gasped and said "No, I spiked it!"

"Oh, now I see." Between you and me, spiking curly hair that's 1/4" long pretty much turns it into hair that's 3/8" long. But I reached into the depths of my heart and told him it looked great. Evs.

I gave him his official present, a Paul Rodgers tshirt and a dvd of Stevie Nicks. He actually likes her and I can tolerate it, too. He was thrilled. Damn, he's easy.

After prezzies, I secretly grabbed my earplugs that I use when I go to auto races and we were off.

After dinner we went to the club where not three, but now four tribute bands would be playing, and one of those did double duty, which would mean five sets. Ugh. "Weller and Diet, please. Keep 'em coming."

Soon it began - but it was actually tolerable. Barely.

Band #1 pulled the double: one set of Johnny Cash and one of Pat Benatar. Okay, I can handle this. I have a very limited knowledge of Johnny's music, but that guy should take his show to Vegas, baby. He had him pegged. Really good. Pat Benatar was just meh, but at least I knew enough to sing along and remember having an outfit almost identical to this gal's outfit. It was pure 80's and it was fun.

Band #2 - Dokken. Who? "Weller and Diet - make it snappy." Being from a theatrical background, I can look beyond my own personal tastes and spot true talent and the 17-year old bass player had it. Style, looks, presence. Can you say charisma? I thought you could. When they left the stage, I was almost bummed I wasn't going to be able to see him play some more.

Band #3 - Motley Crew. I admit I was a little curious about this one. I mean, I've done my share of head-banging in my sordid past. I had also cheated and listened to a greatest hits cd last week, but don't tattle on me, kay? The band came out in full metal regalia, and much to my surprise - the 17-year old bassist, Taylor, was in this band, too. Bonus. I couldn't help it when I rose to my feet and positioned myself in front of his spot. Here I was, way old enough to be his momma, and starstruck (on a local level - don't worry, Kasim) by this BOY. I found him afterwards and stumbled my way over and told him to "get the f outta this band and go be a star where you should be." He probably took it as an insult, but it wasn't meant that way. I'd love to know what he told his buddies about the middle-aged lady who breathed whiskey all over him. Boy Toy J didn't seem amused. Oh well, I wanted a steak dinner!

Band #4 - Judas Priest. It almost pains me to type that name. All I know of JP is that they wore/wear (?) alot of leather and bondage stuff. And sing about breakin' the law and stuff. NOT my scene. (Hell, I owned a Hanson cd!) "Weller and Diet - make it a double, will ya?" Somewhere along the way, I ended up separated from Boy Toy J, who was in his element. It's okay, I'd told him that would happen. He knows my threshold for metal music.

All in all - BTJ had a "best birthday ever!" and I didn't suffer too much hearing loss. The look on his face after that night was priceless. I'd done good.

But I still want a steak dinner "out" when it's my turn. Just hinting.


Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser-That is HI-LAR-IOUS! You grabbed earplugs? You lasciviously approached a minor? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Girl, we have got to get together!

Lindystar said...

You need to be a talent scout. How objective of you to find a jewel amongst a bunch of .... that you don't really enjoy. At all.

Boy toy is a lucky guy and I hope you get your steak dinner.

(and I am secretly platonically in love with you for bringing ear plugs cuz I SO do that because I don't want to be deaf when I'm old)

RockDog said...

That is another AWESOME night out! Those tribute bands are something the RockDog would love to see!!! Hell yeah!

ThatGirl7278 said...

Because I will be out of town for your birthday and probably blogless, I want to be sure and say it loud and proud now...


That is all.

CruiserMel said...

Sassy B - It wasn't lascivious at all. I was just pointing out his, um, talent.

Lindy - Eh, what did you say????

Rockdog - Maybe you need to date BTJ. It sounds like you guys would have more in common. LOL

Thatgirl - Awwwww. I'll send you a piece of cyber cake. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

1. It's 'crue', with little dots over the u.

2. Nothing there is 'metal'. You want metal? Check out Slayer. I don't go for that; mostly moose noises and microphone eating.

I actually know a 17 year old bass/guitar player named Taylor, but he has his own band. And lives in Toronto.

Golightly said...

WOW - what a bday celebration. That is so kick ass!

Sassy Blondie said...

BTW Cruiser, I'm a little disappointed that you don't know about the man in black. I LOVE HIM. When I was at Six Flags, we saw a KISS coverband known as "Destroyer". And yes, they had full makeup and all! LOL I had to email Shannon Tweed. Now if I can figure out how to get those pics I took off my new stupid phone...