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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

At Least My Car Had Doors On It

I had a "Tommy Boy" moment today that took me completely by surprise.

As y'all know, I'm a music lover and damn proud of it. So proud that I tend to play my music at a level just shy of Boeing, especially when I'm in my car. I don't necessarily point, like Sassy Blondie has been known to do, but I don't shy from treating my car stereo as my own personal karaoke machine.

I got off work a little early today, in light of the holiday, and was happily running some errands around town. A little cold front was blowing into Dallas today and the crisp air was feeling pretty good, so I had my windows down a couple of inches. (Though I'm sure I'll be complaining of being too cold within 24 hours of writing this, when it's been 80 degrees up until yesterday and it's topping out at 65 today, well it feels pretty good for a little bit.)

So - there I am, tootling around town, windows down, tunes are blaring and I'm in full-blown rockstar mode. The radio station to which I was tuned had gone to a commercial, so I started hitting buttons to maintain my buzz. I found myself tuned to the oldies station and heard some sweet, sappy Carpenters song from the 70's. "Only Yesterday," I believe it was. Believe? Hell, it WAS that song. And how I knew the words, I'll never know. But I was diggin' it. And I sounded awesome. I was channeling Karen Carpenter so hard, I nearly took up the drums.

At about the third chorus, I felt eyes on me at the stoplight. You got it, a truckload of yard workers were laughing so hard that if I'd known more Spanish, I would've said "take a picture, it'll last longer!" Instead, the blood vessels in my face almost burst and I think I had a heart attack.

Then I figured, what the hell, give 'em a show. I raised my chin a little higher, rolled the window completely down and finished the song with a flourish. Karen would've been proud. So would Sassy.

Soon, though probably not soon enough, my light turned green and the show was over. In hindsight, I don't think I sounded all that much like Karen Carpenter, so I was glad when the truck turned off my street.

.....there's something to be thankful for...... Happy Turkey Day, y'all!


Tug said...

hee...giving those shows is fun stuff!

Happy Thanksgiving Mel!

RockDog said...

That's awesome!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Kerry said...

Flash em some boobies next time ;) Make it a show they will never forget! lol

hehe... j/k. well, sorta

Swishy said...

Ohhh, I've been there :)

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!

Mr. Fabulous said...

You are SO fucking awesome!

Random Musings Of My Life said...

LOVE IT!! I so LOVE to do the same thing... My favorite thing is if they start to laugh I will bust out the best moves I can munster with a seat belt on at a red light...
Life is too short you should laugh!!

Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser!! Welcome to the club, sister! I'm so proud! You're badge and club info is in the mail...

(And although I know it's sad, "Superstar" is one I know all the words to...before even seeing "Tommy Boy"! Yes, I've even karaoked it.)

jeremy said...

it wasn't your singing that cracked them up; it was the lack of trumpet in the song.

the mexicans love them some trumpet...