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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ninety-Percent Success

In case you were tossing and turning at night, wondering (and worrying) about little ole CruiserMel and her dally in Lemonland, you can rest assured now. It's over. And I was a 90% success.

Ninety-percent? Did you ask what 90% means?

It means that I made it 9 full days out of 10. Oh I could've gone another 24 hours, but I was plum sick of lemons and cayenne and maple syrup. Being a social outcast had a little to do with it, as well.

I am a social being. I enjoy gathering with friends and coworkers for a meal, a drink, or just to hangout and shoot the shit.

Once I got on the cleanse, I was shunned. I made people uncomfortable. I think I surprised quite a few by my resolve, too. Maybe they wondered if they could do something like that. Maybe they wondered if I had completely gone off the deep end. Finally.

The invitations slowed to a crawl. No more "do you have lunch plans?" No more "what's shakin' for dinner?" No more "wanna watch the game up at the bar?"

So when I was lucky enough to get invited to a couple of events over the weekend, but had to decline, I decided my days with cleansing were over. I'm back on real food now, 7 pounds lighter and feeling good.

Oh, I'll do it again sometime, as it really did make me feel good, look good, and I was in a great mood most of the time - but it won't be anytime soon.

Here's a little side bonus: I successfully gave up my caffeine, Sudafed and Advil addictions! Even now that I can pollute my body in any way I see fit, I'm still free of those nasty things. I'm so awesome, I'm almost sickening, huh?

Thanks to all who were concerned that I was doing something crazier than usual. I'll try to come up with something a little more fun for my next antic. That's a promise!


Tug said...

7 POUNDS? Wow. You've got to e-mail me the info...seriously.

Sassy Blondie said...

Yay! Cruiser is BACK!!

Circe said...

That is wonderful that you lost so much, and yes, any kind of strict diet tends to put a crimp in one's social life.

Golightly said...

holy crap! I need to know the details - please, please email me. I so will need to start this after Thanksgiving

Sparx said...

oh well done - most I ever went on the cleanse was 70%!

Sassy Blondie said...

Are you back on the cleanse, Cruiser? Where are you?

The HOR blogger said...

Naw Sassy She's probably out making up for lost time.

But kick ass crusier, good for you on giving up the drugs. That really is neato. :)