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Friday, November 09, 2007

By Pseudo-Popular Demand

Okay! Okay! Wow - it seems my questions aren't so silly now. I'm tickled, seriously tickled. And thrilled to give you the answer(s)...

The long-time tour manager for Todd Rundgren said that in the early days, she was responsible for the laundry, then she kinda got sick of doing that, (can you blame her?) so she set them loose to do their own or at least to tell them how to dial "laundry service" on their hotel phones. But she did continue to do their socks because they're small and I guess they would get lost.

Funny story about socks and the world of rock & roll:

Mary Lou told a totally unrelated story about an episode back in the 90's while on tour with Todd's band. There were three backup girl singers, in addition to quite a large "big band" behind T the G. They travelled by tour bus. As one would expect, the male hormones on board outweighed the female ones, so the girls ended up in a partitioned-off area at the back of the bus. I don't recall the exact story, but somehow one of the guys (perhaps Todd) beckoned the ladies up toward the front of the bus. When they got up front, there were all the guys, completely naked, except for their socks.

Gives a whole new meaning to "doing the socks" doesn't it?

Then just the other night as I was about to ask Roger Powell (former keyboardist for Todd's Utopia) some uber interesting question about being dressed as bugs in an old video, the show's host, Doug interrupted and told Roger about me asking about laundry and other ridiculous things such as that.

Before I could say anything, Roger starts chatting about how with costumes, there usually is a person in charge of cleaning those - or at least there are interchangeable parts and/or multiples so that you don't have to perform in your own stank. He did, however, say that as for your own personal street clothes, you are responsible for your own stank. He recalled trips to a couple of laundromats during his 12 year stint with Todd. A couple of trips? Eeewwwww.

Then earlier this week as I was perusing the blog of Meat Loaf's sax player, I realized this laundry situation can be serious. Seriously! At the time, Meat Loaf had fallen ill and the band was stuck in a hotel in England for several days and it did not have laundry facilities. The sax player had actually gone out and bought a few pairs of undies (with the weak US dollar), thinking that any day now, they would be in London and could do their skivvies. He was about to freak out. No kidding. Tsk tsk tsk - should've done laundry that other day instead of bending the elbow in the pubs, Dave.

I don't know about the big big stars so - as for David Bowie and his spandex.....we can only hope that fell into the category of costumes, and that there were multiples, too.

Hey, your inquiring minds wanted to know.........I am nothing if not accommodating. Such is life as a rock star.


Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser, next time I play a trivia game, you are SO going to be on my team! We'll get rich, I tell ya!

puerileuwaite said...

The best strategy is to wear nothing but sweat suits. People EXPECT those to be stinky.

The HOR blogger said...

I feel oddly more complete after reading this. Thank You Cruiser! ;)

OKAY CHICKA You've got me all wrapped in and curious, are you gonna tell us how the Super Cleanse went? I'm a tad more than curious so please do tell :)

Sgt said...

I wish my clothes would magically appear back where they belong all clean.

Maybe if I call them costumes I'll have more luck?