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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Wonder If John Lennon Did Laundry

Yes, I'm still alive. Matter of fact, that's actually why I haven't been blogging lately. LindyHor hit the nail on the head in her comment on the previous entry. Indeed, I have been livin' it up and completely reversing any good I may have done for myself during the Master Cleanse. At least some of the good, that's for sure.

I want to share a little video with you. John Montagna was the guest on RundgrenRadio last night. He was a fun guest. Great New York accent. Some fun stories about his times playing with Todd as well as others like Alan Parsons and Eren Cannata. And yes, in case you were wondering he was asked about his laundry habits. Each person has had a different laundry routine - his involves bath gel, his own version of the spin cycle and a window sill. You know you wanted to know, don't roll your eyes at me like that.

Speaking of laundry habits - it's become pretty much my "signature" question. I'm not sure how this monster got started, but it's snowballed now and I'm starting to think of writing a book about musicians' doing (or not doing) their dirty laundry. People have sold books about far-crazier topics than this, right? Eh.....maybe when I'm retired. Meanwhile, it's a fun research project. (Perhaps I need to find a different hobby?)

Anyhoo, about John Montagna.....he's a bass player / singer / songwriter and he's pretty amazing. Get a load of this video tribute he did to John Lennon on Lennon's 67th Birthday last month. Have you ever seen someone play a bass guitar like it's a lead guitar? I hope you're buckled-in. Enjoy!


Sassy Blondie said...

Cruiser! You and your laundry fetish! Kinky, sister! ;) Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

tdawg said...

If ya can't joke about laundry...what can you joke about?!

Hey, that was lovely by John M. I am starting to like that guy more & more :)