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Thursday, October 19, 2006

And The Winner Is.......

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen who Flavor Flav picked as his flavor du jour or if, on the off chance you're not interested (and you know you are), stop reading right here and have a nice day.

Okay, okay, I know I've been lax at posting the winner of the Flavor Of Love Part Deux. Flav made his decision last Sunday, but I've been wailing and gnashing my grill ever since and just couldn't bring myself to see the result in print until now. New York is out. Deelishis is in.

Miss Deelishis was the logical choice, as she was somewhat demure, quiet, a little classy (though that backside has some serious rumba in da house), and not outwardly calculating. New York was a tornado of all things classless, loud, cunning, brash, and just about all words usually found unflattering of proper ladies. She was also great television. Poor New York lost not once, but twice on Flavor Of Love. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she put herself on the auction block in both season one and two and still lost. Honey, maybe you need to check out an etiquette class or basically find yourself an older man - preferably rich, white, and deaf - because you just can't cut it in the rap world. Oh, you may "look" good, but those implants will only get you so far.

Let me say that the best quote of the results show happened in the build-up. Deelishis was getting ready for her one-on-one date with Flav, while having to share quarters with NY. Apparently New York was a little antsy and Deelishis took notice and said (oh my, can I type this straight-faced?) "She's in there swinging those nasty weaves!" I about busted a move right there. Girlfriend! I'm am so down wit chu.

Oh well - congrats Deelishis and Flav. I hope you have a bootylicious (er, bootylishis) romance.......until season three is offered up. heh

Tootles! Buh-bye. Scram!

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