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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Celebrity Paranormal Project

CruiserMel digs Halloween. I mean, almost pathologically. I'm a sucker for 70's slasher films. Jamie Lee Curtis is my heroine. (That's hero, girlie-style, not the drug. Duh.) She totally ruled. I could only aspire to be half the babysitter she was. To this day, I live for putting out my 8' tall inflatable Dracula in the yard. This year I've added black & pink spider lights to my front door. The kiddies will totally want to come to my castle, if only to listen to the scarey "Sounds of the Haunted Castle" cd I'll have playing from behind the bushes out front on a continuous loop and to dig deep into the orange & black bowl of peanut butter taffy kisses and Sugar Daddy bars. I'll be in full costume by 5:01 and ready to greet the kiddies.

You all know my guilty pleasure of watching VH1 celebreality shows already. Flav. Bonaduce. And now to get us in that heebee-geebee place for Halloween, the nice folks at VH1 have graced us with The Celebrity Paranormal Project. How cool is that? Celebrities getting the begeebers scared out of them - for our entertainment. Pull up a bowl of candy corn and let's get on with it!

CPP started last weekend and I have to admit I was a little skeptical. They gatherered Gary Busey, Hal Sparks (I heart him so much), Tocarra Jones, Jenna Morasca (from Survivor), and Donna D'Errico (from Baywatch and Nikki Sixx fame) together at a supposedly haunted sanatorium in Kentucky called Waverly Hills. 63,000 people lost their battles with TB here in the 20's and 30's, as the story was unfolded to us. Their mission was to find out if this place is truly haunted or just urban legend. They had from 9:00 pm until sunrise to figure it out. Let me tell you, that place creeped me out not so much for it's ghostly appearance, but because it looked like the middle school I attended. From the outside. On the inside, it looked more like my bedroom, but I digress.

The show is filmed by the cast themselves, using those halos on their heads, which are creepy enough to begin with. They always seem to have a fisheye warp to the picture. Anyway, I was thinking all this was just made-up Hollyweird fiction, but I was sucked in immediately. I wanted to see how they could get any creepier than Gary Busey just being himself - and they nailed it!

I won't give you details as you simply must see this show! Word of warning: I am pretty hardcore when it comes to scarey things, but I would not start watching it too late at night. I found it at 11:00 pm and when it was over at midnight, I had to clear it out of my conscience with an hour of fictionalized horror before I could turn off the lights. (Young Frankenstein - yeah baby.) But I couldn't wait until Monday morning when I could do a little research to see if Waverly Hills Sanatorium was a real place or not. It is. Great googly moogly - the place is for real! Here come the shivers again. The next installment of CPP will have a completely new cast and location. I think Rachel Hunter is involved. Nothing should scare her after having to wake up next to Rod Stewart's spikey hair when they were married. This'll be good.

Speaking of scarey things.....I've got a little haunting going on at casa de cruisermel myself. I have a funky little lamp in a guest room at my house that is turned on & off by basically tapping the base. There is no on-0ff switch. It's super-groovy, shaped like a lava lamp, and it's one of my favorite things. Ever. Anyway - every night since Sunday (did I mention that I watched CPP for the first time Sunday night?) the dang thing is ON when I head to my bedroom for some shut-eye. Hmmm, headcount of residents of the house: 1. me 2. dog. Unless the dog has decided to eff with my head, and unless I'm getting dementia and forgetting that I've turned the bloody thing on earlier in the evening.....then there's a monster living in my house. I'm sure it looks sorta foggy & misty, it's green, covered in scales, dropping appendages due to rotting flesh, and it digs the 70's. Or maybe it just needs lighting to read some Stephen King novel.


Hey, would ya leave already?


Anonymous said...

Remind me not to stay in your guest digs...like...EVER. You know I still think the Creature from the Black Lagoon is hunting me. Sounds like he just found my old friend. Hide your address book...and make sure he can't hack into your computer. By the way, what does it mean when your dog starts barking at some invisible object? (Always when it's late at night too)

CruiserMel said...

kp - Dogs barking at an invisible object means there's definitely an electromagnetic force present that will suck every brain cell out of your head whilst you are watching celebreality shows and will replace it with a love of metallic handbags, spandex, and dirty blondes. Glad to be of paranormal service. Stop by again. - CM

Anonymous said...

what the? I need to check this show out!