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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ruby Jane's Birthday

It wasn't an ordinary night at the neighborhood bar last weekend. It may have looked ordinary, but alas by night's end, it was one of those occasions where you are somehow airlifted into your own future and can only hope it will be as fun as what you've just seen before your very eyes.

Ruby Jane was surrounded by about 10 friends, male and female. There was no Grecian Formula or Lady Clairol being used by this bunch. They were the real deal. You had to shade your eyes from the glare coming off that grey hair. There was a steady stream of cocktails and beers going to that table. There must've been a special occasion to be having that much fun. Ah yes - Ruby Jane was celebrating her birthday. I didn't think to ask which birthday, but I would venture to say she has turned 49 a few times.

The group was having the time of their lives; so much so that they were attracting a crowd just by their contagious hootin' and hollerin'. Before ya knew it, a group of people from another table were presenting Ruby Jane (and her cohorts) a tray of shots called Chocolate Cake. You can't have a birthday party without a little cake! That would be un-American. Apparently, there is a ritual attached to this shot. First you suck on a sugared lemon slice and then you down a shot of vodka & Frangelico. Makes ya shudder, don't it? But I was assured that it really tastes just like the real thing. Ruby Jane was in her element and it was refreshing to see. I'm pretty sure I saw some of the partiers making little lemon smileys after doing their shots. Priceless.

The scene was something I dream of for my own future; to have good times in my older years with long-time friends, chocolate cake shots, and not a box of hair color within miles!

Be gone with yourself. Get back to work, ya bum!


Glaziersgirl said...

ah yes, what fun. But be warned that the chocolate cakes will turn on you quickly. I am living proof. But good times!

KP said...

I LOVE those shots!! Almost as much as the Mind Erasers *BURP* Good times...good times. Oh by the way, I was talked into about THREE tequila shots while I was in SPI. I think I owe Heather an apology. Or three.