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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fun Things John Mayer Does At Airports

John Mayer, the man I actually love for his mind (don't laugh), had an entry last week on his blog showing that he apparently looks like Jessica Lange. I'm not buying it entirely, but I had to go check it out because, well - John's cool.

The instructions state to use a photo of yourself straight-on, straight-faced. So I went searching for a pic of yours truly. It seems ole CruiserMel doesn't like to face forward in pictures. (Could this be flashbacks to a previous lifetime of having my mugshot on "wanted" posters?) I had to delve waaaaaaaay back into the depths of my photo album to avoid drunken party pics and multi-subject photos. I finally found a somewhat blurry photo from Christmas 2004. That should do it.

Loaded the picture.
Do I not look like anyone famous?
I'm getting nervous now.
MY STARS! I look like THEM?

(I am wishing right now that I could figure out how to include the whiz-bang photo graphics, but I can't be good at everything, so get over it and use your imagination for once.)

I suppose it could've been worse. I could've come out looking like Witchipoo, which surely would've happened if the picture had been taken at 7:00 a.m.

Jane Curtain. Actually I can sort of buy into this one, as I've been told that before, since her days on SNL. I didn't used to agree, but if the experts say it is so then it must be true. Jaime Pressly - hmmmmmm. Pretty girl. Cool. But Zsa Zsa Gabor? WTF? Or a British pop star (Geri Halliwell) or a Japanese pop star (Ayumi Hamosaki)? Wait - that would be my rock-star-dream-come-true. Cool.

You should check this out. http://www.myheritage.com

John sweetie, I'm glad to see you're using your downtime at airports to be creative and feed my internet addiction.

Scat! Get outta here! Don't you have other things to be doing like checking out who you look like?


Anonymous said...

That sounds SO COOL!! I am definately gonna do that when I get back from the beach!! Witchipoo? Sorry. You don't have the twisted wart thing going on your nose, but maybe if you got a pair of those pointy shoes with a matching metallic bag?? Rock on, Pop Queen. (Just don't spontaniously combust all over the drums this time).

CruiserMel said...

Ya know, those metallic handbags (said in some weird accent) are back in style. Scarey!