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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Slug Contributes

So.......I've become completely mezmerized by reading blogs. I'm not sure how it happened, but the wonderful world of blogs wafted past me and I picked up the scent.

At first it was a simple activity to fill the downtimes or avoid working. Snooping into the lives of others was entertainment. Little by little I found myself clicking on the blogs of those who entertain my favorite bloggers. And just like any drug, even that wasn't enough to fill the void. I was feeling like a total slug....sucking off of society, not contributing.

And so it begins.

Surely my lame existence couldn't possibly intrigue a person "out there" who could be cleaning the lint filter of the dryer or trimming their toenails. Or could it? I mean - people watch reality television ad nauseum and much of that airtime could be replaced with static for the most part and people would gaze in amazement.

Wait, maybe I'm going at this all wrong. Maybe a blog isn't so much for the reader, but for the writer. (Hey, could someone turn down that lightbulb over my head, please?)

Therapy. Or maybe not. Our's is not to wonder why......

Hopefully I can sort out what's going on in my little head while entertaining a couple of you people with my ramblings. Bonus.

Meanwhile - let me leave you with the best music lyric heard this week. It comes from my new crush: John Mayer. Dang, I love that man's mind.

"Cause I can't wait to figure out what's wrong with me, so I can say this is the way that I used to be." Brilliant.

Go on with yourself - have a happy week. Go. Git outta here, ya hear?

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patricia sappington said...

You are just to funny - Girl!