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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Concerns

Is it true that as we age, we actually grow younger? I ask only because I'm concerned about myself.

It's finally here: Halloween. And I'm downright giddy. It's my favorite night of the year, other than the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend with 1100 miles of Indy and Nascar racing.

Should I be concerned that I actually skipped out of work a couple of minutes early to be certain to get the jack-o-lantern luminarias lit for the sidewalk to my house?

Should I be concerned that I actually bought a strobe light this year that made my hands shake with an-ti-ci-SAY IT-pa-tion?

Should I be concerned that I've been bummed out all month because our neighborhood association said that people love to steal inflatable holiday decorations so I had to wait to put my 8 foot tall Dracula out tonight for one night only?

Should I be concerned that I've got 72,407 tons of chocolate candy, enough for 3000 children (or five premenstrual women) and I've had only 10 trick-or-treaters?

Should I be concerned that the creepy music and sound effects I have wafting inside and out are beginning to give me, Miss Hardcore Horror Queen, the willies?

And most importantly, why am I bummed that I can't get out there so people can see my fantastic costume?

Ooooooo, that's the doorbell! No more worries.

Happy Halloween, y'all! Now get out there and scare some people!!!!! BWWWWAHHHHH

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