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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Rozerem Question

Am I the only person who gets wrapped around the axle about some commercials? There are times I can sit for hours watching TV and never have an emotional reaction to anything - but occasionally there is that single, one-minute commercial that just sticks in my craw.

I'm talking about that bizarro Rozerem ad. You know the one: bedhead dude comes into the kitchen, scratching himself (pretty), only to find Abraham Lincoln and a badger or something playing chess. And there's a silent astronaut making a sammich in the background. WTF? Rozerem is a sleeping aid. I get it. The whole premise (and I'm only guessing here) is that if take their little pill, you'll have dreams of playing chess with Honest Abe and a hairy, sarcastic mammal.

I don't even know where to go with this. This ad could possibly cause a person to actually lose sleep, ferheavenssake.

First, do you really want to play chess with Abe? Ever? Wouldn't you rather be dreaming of doing a rock star? Secondly, if this guy isn't dreaming, then why the eff are these people (and a rodent) in his kitchen? Does this mean he's already taken the damn pill and now he's actually sleeping? Honestly, Abe, this just puts my brain on spin cycle. Sometimes I think my head is making sounds like those made by the old machines in Young Frankenstein's laboratory and it just needs a whacking from Marty Feldman.

Am I insane to let this stuff get to me? Note to self: contact Rozerem folks for Monarch notes on what this bit of tasty television means.

Whew - I feel better. I'm exhausted now and that's a good thing too, 'cause I don't think I would want to take Rozerem. In fact, I'm gonna go do a rock star tonight (in my dreams) out of spite. Nighty-night.


Dilly Pickle said...

My sentiments exactly, definitly not what I would want to dream. Chess? Rodents? Not to mention Abe & that Astronaut was he thown in as an after thought?

Anonymous said...

You know that astronaut might be cute under that helmet. Think about it.


Dezdmona said...

Damn you....I had let this stupid commercial roll completely off my conscious until I read your post and ever since you brought it to my attention it has been rolling around in my rather empty brain causing me to STAY AWAKE NIGHTS (not that I didn't already have insomnia...but now I can blame you!)

Ahhh...well, now that I've put it back on you I'm sure I'll sleep better. *pbbht*

Anonymous said...

..HELLOO..ABE, represents $$$ something this guy misses since he does sleep so well

The Beaver...Chics..I dream about beaver.


Nuff said

Anonymous said...

The beaver is a wiseass and smarter, although arguably less honest, than Abe. The beaver even uses a Blackberry in one of the spots, the one where the sleepless guy's also-sleepless boss walks by followed by a blue pony.
The guy in the background making coffee or a sandwich is a deepsea diver, not an astronaut. He rarely comes into the foreground of the ads, which must mean something.
The Lunesta ads (that green moth!) are boring compared to Abe and the beaver. I enjoy the ads, but I don't take Rozerem. Does anybody? I'm an Ambien CR person myself.