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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chicken Wings, Part Deux

In response to all those who can possibly give a schit about my love life, here is the update, as it were.

I actually had a good time the other night with Mr. Nice Guy. But that's where it ends. I am a firm believer in chemistry and basically he flunked that class. The experiment flopped. I think I gave it the old college try when I first met him and heard a voice in my head say: "You know, he IS the kind of guy you should be dating. Stable. Conservative in appearance. Polite. *deep breath* Oh all right, here's my number." And I tried. I honestly tried. I had two official dates with the guy since August and I just couldn't get my engine revved-up. Maybe it was my alternator? Starter? Oh hell - he just doesn't blow my skirt up - figuratively or literally.

So, no I didn't use the "going to the ladies' room to smoke some crack" line Tuesday night. At best I did excuse myself to the loo and gave myself a pep talk in the mirror, only to return to the table and put on my charming self. I so totally give up.

Fast forward to today - the last day of the month is my busiest business-wise. Mr. Nice Guy calls right in the middle of me trying to get a day's worth of last day business done in 1/2 a day so I could get the F outta there and practically sled home on the icy streets of Dallas. (oh yeah - Texas ice storm!) Anyway - before he could even finish saying "hi" I cut him off and said "Can't talk now. Sorry." I hung up and my boss came flying out of his office and scolded me. WTF? Yup, he scolded me for not just doing it right then and there.

"But, but, but you and Greg would be listening!"

"Mel, we know the story. Do you want me to break up with him for you?"


Holding back the giggles, I hung my head in shame and vowed to handle this tomorrow. Vowed. It's bad enough to have a friend break up with a guy for you, but to have your boss do it? Pity the fool.

SOOOOO - tomorrow, Friday, will be the day. I've got the day off and my to-do list has "cut the guy loose" at the top. No alcohol allowed. Not even an Advil.

Let me say right here: you readers are fantabuloso. What a sense of sorority. And I wasn't even in a sorority. Unless you count the fact that I went to a woman's college with only 700 women....so it was one big sorority, sorta. Oh well, you know what I mean. *getting verklempt*

Now - it's time for Grey's so the earth must stop rotating for an hour. Will be back with the coolest of the coolest posting ever. Promise.

*turing on telly and settling in with CruiserDog* Shhhhhhhhhh.


Swishy said...

It's commercial of Grey's right now! I don't like insecure Derek. I want the cocky but hot Derek back.

Pregnant In Texas said...

So, this is bad of me to encourage a long-distance, internet love affair, but Blakken is pretty great. I should know. This might be weird, but I think you should e-mail him. You can e-mail me if you would like (and I'll make sure it's ok with him to give out his e-mail address). I can be reached at: notsopregnantintexas@yahoo.com (yeah, I know it's a long e-mail address).

Hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. - Swishy, I'm watching Grey's too! I'm secretly happy that Derek and Meredith are back together.

CruiserMel said...

Pregnant (or notsopregnant) - do you wish this nutball on your friend, Blakken? Can't you read? Sheesh - his blog sounds like he's actually a pretty great guy. And I ask again - have you read my blog?

Okay, humor = defense system. This made me blush and giggle and all things girly. Give me a little time and I'll email ya sometime. Groovy cool.

~wandering off in girly mode~

Anonymous said...

OMG if your boss had done it, I'd die. That is hilarious. And you know they were all listening waiting to hear you do it, hee hee.
Nobody gives credit for doing the breaking up...its a lot harder than it sounds.

Dezdmona said...

Oooohh Drama...Sorry I didn't chime in earlier CruiserMel.

I absolutely agree with your Boss.

As I was reading the whole story, I just knew that you were in just the right frame of mind to spit it all out on the phone right then and there....but phhbt WTH?

Can't wait to read Friday's installment. Good luck....to you and that poor sap, who will probably go find some NICE girl and ...(self-edit) LOL...

Pregnant In Texas said...


Ok, I admit that I haven't read all of your blog. I can tell you that I'm also crazy and Blakken, well, the guy has four kids so you can imagine his mental state most days.

I'll real some more around here.

P.S. - I was pregnant, then I had my son. Now I'm not so pregnant (I know, bad foresight on my part in picking a blog url)

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall what happened the last time you tried to date an appropriate, professional guy. It didn't end well.... Just sayin'. Cut him loose Mel. Put on the "don't approach me" face (just like the good old days when our outfits fit in our purses).

CruiserMel said...

Dez - LOL @ he'll go find a nice girl! *looking at self* Nope. Not me.

Thanks for stopping by. Help yourself to a glass of vino next time.

CruiserMel said...

KP - Oh my golly, I remember those outfits well. No self-esteem problems here. LMAO But there won't be any of that "don't approach me" looks going on....I plan on handling this Golighly's (well, Kate's) way. On the phone. While ridding myself of these dang chicken feathers!

CruiserMel said...

Not-so-pregnant - Oh my. Blakken has 4 kiddos? *gulp* And he's 34? I'll bet there are a bunch of women reading this while crossing their legs right about now.

Just joshin' ya - I promise I'll email ya, nevertheless.

Blakken said...

And where do I fit into this picture? That is right, people, talking about the guy who doesn't know his head from the hole in the ground! :P

Random Musings Of My Life said...

I love GREYS!!
Thanks for stopping by.. I like your blog and I will be back! P: )