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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Have Chicken Wings

Report on dumping Mr. Nice Guy:

Let's just say, I need that script, Golightly.

Bock. Bock. *flap flap*

*hanging drunken chicken head in shame*


Swishy said...

Oh, no!

I have 'em too, though. You can pass that script on to me when you're done with it!

Anonymous said...

uh oh.

I should just post it...watch for it, if you can hold out a few more hours

CruiserMel said...

Golightly - You are too cute! I actually thought a little liquid encouragement would've helped last night - though all it did was allow me to have fun! BUT - I'M ON THE RECORD FOR SAYING NOPE, NOT INTO YOU, DUDE. I'll be waiting to see your script, while I pick these damn chicken feathers off of me. Hee hee

Starlet said...

did you use the "smoke crack in ladies room" line? That was my favorite...