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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Did You Ever Have One of These, Part Deux

I had lunch today with some co-workers (male, mid-40's) and I ran my pickle past them. Seeing my obvious stress regarding tonight's (hopefully subtle, but effective) dumping of Mr. Nice Guy - they offered some advice. Let me run it by you.

They agreed that I should stick with my current course - to appear as wild, crazy, bitchy, die-hard-rock-fan, drunk, and generally out-there as I can be. In other words, be myself.

But they added a touch to my plan that may be the deal-breaker (or winner from my POV). If he disagrees that I'm too wild for him, I should politely say something like "Maybe you're right. But will you please excuse me for just a moment, while I go smoke some crack in the ladies room?"

And they also added that perhaps I should ask him where I can find some clean urine for my drug test coming up, seeing as how all my friends are fresh out.

Ya think that'll work?

Will post an update later. *putting on my subtle bitch hat*

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erin said...

last time i broke up with a guy my friends made me ROLE PLAY IT WITH THEM FIRST because they knew i would fuck it up.